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Here's How You Can Deal With A Sprained Ankle Or Injured Knee At Home

Sometimes sprains and muscle pull take quite some time to heal. In such a scenario, these techniques will help in reducing the level of discomfort and heal the sprain faster at home.

Heres How You Can Deal With A Sprained Ankle Or Injured Knee At Home

Top four ways of dealing with sprains at home


  1. Applying ice packs for 20 minutes in every two hours reduces swelling
  2. Strong and elastic compression for the first 72 hours can also help
  3. In case there is no relief, get an x-ray done for the injury

Having a twisted ankle or a pain in the muscles directly or indirectly affects the daily functioning of our body. From going to work to completing household chores, a sprain, muscle/nerve pull surely makes your life difficult. And most minor injuries or pains are often treated home as many don't consider going to the doctor until the situation can't be controlled at their own level. And at times, no matter how much you try, these sprains and muscle pulls often take longer than usual to heal.

Here are a few effective ways to help you treat these pains at home:

1. Ice pack

 According to recent researches, doctors now recommend dealing sprains with ice packs instead of the hot bandages during the very initial days of your sprains and internal injuries. Applying ice packs for around 20 minutes in every two hours will help in reducing the swelling (if any) and pain at a faster pace. In case of ankle sprains or knee injuries, complete rest is suggested for speedy results.

top four ways of dealing with sprains at home

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2. Compression

In cases of extreme swelling, strong and elastic compression for the first 72 hours is often suggested. The bandage should be draped neither too tight, nor too loose on the affected area. It should be tight enough to feel a stretch but not too tight to affect the blood flow. If you begin to feel numb, tingling or increased pain, it means that the bandage is too tight. Remove the bandage instantly if the affected area turns blue.

3. Epsom salt

 Epsom salt is quite a popular home remedy to deal with pains and sprains. The salt is easily available at chemists or drug stores. Add a cup of epsom salt into luke warm water and soak the injured area into the water for half an hour. Results will begin to show if this is done twice daily for three to four days.

top four ways of dealing with sprains at home

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4. Elevation

In case of sprained ankles, doctors suggest in keeping the ankle at a higher level than your body, as it helps in healing the bruises and decreasing swelling.

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While the aforementioned remedies are primarily suggested to take of sprains and muscle pulls, in case the pain doesn't subside in a week, do consult a doctor. If the affected area is too hot to touch or looks blue, there might be chances of infection. X-rays might be required to check for fractures, or other imaging to check for other internal muscular injuries. Brace or cast, pain medications, physical therapy, or a possible surgery might be some of the other things that the doctor suggests.

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Whatever the case may be, do not shy away from consulting a doctor in case of elongated pain. It will always work in your advantage. 


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