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Weight Training, Pole Yoga And More: Know The Secret To Varun Dhawan's Six-Pack Abs

The actor, who won many hearts through his performance in his very recent film October, has a perfectly shaped and toned body.

Weight Training, Pole Yoga And More: Know The Secret To Varun Dhawans Six-Pack Abs

Varun Dhawan was recently seen working out on the sets of Kalank


  1. Varun Dhawan is enthusiastic about his fitness
  2. He has perfectly chiseled and toned six-pack abs
  3. He celebrates his birthday on April 24

It wasn't until birthday boy Varun Dhawan shared a picture of him working out that we got to know what a fitness freak he is! The actor, who won many hearts through his performance in his very recent film October, has a perfectly shaped and toned body. His Instagram feed has quite a few posts of either working out or showing off his chiseled abs like a complete pro! Varun, who is currently preparing for his pivotal role in Karan Johar's upcoming project titled Kalank, leaves no stone unturned to exercises regularly.


Late night work out for #kalank

A post shared by Varun Dhawan FC™ (@varundvnfc30) on

It was just recently that the actor was spotted working out on the sets of Kalank. In one of the videos that he shared on his Instagram stories, he was seen doing push-ups and weight training. Previously, the actor shared how he likes to work on his agility, flexibility and core fitness, by sharing a picture of him doing pole yoga.

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Speaking of push-ups - which Varun was enthusiastically doing while engaged in a shoot - they activate each and every muscle in your body. They increase body's endurance and also make them more toned and refined.

Push-ups help in improving functional strength by activating the full body. It engages major muscle groups such as core muscles, triceps, biceps, anterior deltoids and lower body muscle groups while stabilising your overall movement.


Besides, push-ups are also helpful for your cardiovascular system. They offer a protection to your shoulders and lower back from injury. They bring and improvement to your posture and are a cheap and convenient full-body workout.

Weight training helps in increasing the capacity of your physical work. Weight or strength training helps in improving bone density, promotes fat-free body mass and increases strength of connective tissue, muscles and tendons. People who include weight training in their fitness regime regularly are known to have a better motor performance and are at reduced risk of injury.

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Coming over to pole yoga or polga as it is popularly called, is a fitness regime which blends pole fitness with yoga in a very unique way. Doing polga requires efficient body balance and flexibility.

Over and above these specific workout regimes, Varun seems to have worked quite a lot on his abs. And not just well-toned abs, Varun is one of the few actors in Bollywood who has six-pack abs.

Some exercises which are known to be most effective for six-pack abs are pull ups, medicine ball slam and ab wheel roll out to name a few.


Birthday workout #nocake #KALANK @prashantsixpack

A post shared by Varun Dhawan (@varundvn) on

Pull-ups are done by grasping a pull-up bar and pulling your shoulder blades down and back. They are done effectively by bending your legs behind, crossing your feet and squeezing your butt. You need to brace your abs in order to engage your core and the exercise will be helpful for getting six-pack abs. You can do 3 sets of pull-ups and in reps according to your stamina.

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A medicine ball slam is done by grabbing a fairly light medicine ball and holding it above your head. Your torso should be totally upright and your posture should be good. Through medicine ball directly down to complete the exercise. Do 20 reps in each of the 3 steps of medicine ball slam.

Ab wheel rollout is another popular exercise for getting six-pack abs. To perform the exercise, kneel on the floor with knees place directly under the hips. Your hands should be under your shoulders while you hold the handle of the ab wheel. Push your hips forward slowly and roll the ab wheel out. Make sure your back is flat and you allow your arms to extend in front of the body. You can do 4 sets of reps according to your stamina.

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Here's wishing Varun all the happiness and success in life. A very happy birthday to you Varun 

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