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Hair Care: Here's A Complete Guide For You To Repair Damaged Hair

Hair care: Several factors can lead to unwanted hair damage. If you are struggling with hair fall and other hair problems, here are some steps you can follow.

Hair Care: Heres A Complete Guide For You To Repair Damaged Hair

Hair care: Try homemade hair masks to control hair damage


  1. Choose hair products according to your hair type
  2. Cover your hair before stepping out
  3. Massage your hair regularly to strengthen your hair

Several factors can contribute to hair fall and damage your hair. Exposure to sunlight or dust, overuse of chemical-based products, excessive used of heat, consumption of a poor diet and others are some of the factors which can lead to damaged hair. Several factors including a healthy hair care routine, nutritious diet and change in certain habits can help you restore your hair health. Right nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining healthy hair. It strengthens your hair follicles and promotes growth. If you are dealing with damaged hair, then here's a guide for you which can help you restore hair health.

Hair care: Follow these tips to treat damaged hair

1. Choose the right products

You need to be very careful about the products you are using for your hair. If your hair care products are worsening the damage or not showing any improvement, then you need to change those. Just like skin, choose products according to your hair.

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2. Follow a healthy routine

You need to make several modifications to fight hair related problems. Some of these are-

Regularly massage oil to your hair

Do not skip conditioner

Do not wash your hair daily

Naturally dry your hair, avoid use of hair dryer

Do not comb wet hair and comb your hair from ends to roots


Do not comb your hair when it is wet to prevent breakage
Photo Credit: iStock

3. Focus on these foods

Some essential nutrients are necessary for healthy hair growth. Spinach, eggs, berries, nuts, seeds, and soybeans are a few options you can add to your diet.

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4. Homemade masks

Prepare hair masks at home with all natural ingredients. These will help you fight multiple hair problems and provide nutrition to your hair. You can prepare masks with amla, fenugreek, egg, aloevera, neem leaves and several other natural ingredients.


Hair fall prevention: You can prepare simple masks at home to boost hair growth
Photo Credit: iStock

5. Prevent further damage

If you are experiencing damaged hair, protect your hair from any kind of further damage. Always wear a scarf or a hat to avoid UV light exposure. Restrict the use of heat, hair dyes, colours and other chemicals.

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