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Amla, Reetha And Shikakai For Hair Growth: Know How To Use This Amazing Trio To Fight Hair Fall

Hair Growth: Amla, Reetha And Shikakai is one magical combination which can help you deal with every hair problem especially hair fall. This is absolutely natural remedy to take care of your hair. Here is how you can use these ingredients for hair fall.

Amla, Reetha And Shikakai For Hair Growth: Know How To Use This Amazing Trio To Fight Hair Fall

Hair Growth Tips: Amla, Reetha And Shikakai can work wonders for your hair and promote hair health


  1. There are many factors which can contribute to hair fall
  2. Stress can also lead to hair fall
  3. Amla, Reetha And Shikakai shampoo can be prepared easily at home

Hair fall can affect anyone at any time of the year. It has become so common these days due to various factors including environmental factors, stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor hair care and many more. There are millions of products in the market striving to be the best product to fight hair fall. But it is simply a waste of money and time. Most of these products are loaded with chemicals which can harm your hair. Nothing can be better than using natural ingredients to solve hair problems. One of the oldest combinations which have been widely used to control hair fall is - amla, reetha and shikakai. These three ingredients when combined together can become your one-stop solution to hair fall. You can easily find these ingredients and make your very own natural formula to fight hair fall.

Amla, Reetha and Shikakai for Hair Growth

Amla also known as Indian Gooseberry is well known for its multiple health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants which can protect hair cells from any kind of damage and also repairs damaged hair. Healthy hair cells will contribute to better hair growth as it will provide a healthy environment for the hair to grow.

Reetha is loaded with iron which works well for the hair. Iron plays an important role in maintaining hair health. It will also provide the necessary antioxidants to the hair to promote hair growth.

Shikakai is the perfect element in the trio which helps your hair in absorbing the goodness of amla and reetha. It will also provide other benefits as well.

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How to use amla, reetha and shikakai to stop hair fall?

The easiest method is by making your own shampoo with these natural ingredients with no chemicals and any other element. All you need to do is collect the dried form of these three ingredients. You can find these easily near you or you can easily find them online. Once you have all the three ingredients follow the following steps.

1. Take all the ingredients in almost equal quantity. You can take around 7-8 pieces of each and soak them in water overnight. You can also increase the quantity if you have long hair.

2. In the morning add some extra water and boil the mixture

3. After boiling it properly keep it aside to cool down a little bit

4. Once the mixture is at room temperature, mash all the ingredients well with your hands

5. Try to extract the pulp out of the mixture and later strain the mixture

6. Now use this mixture to wash your hair just like your regular shampoo

7. You can also prepare this mixture in a large quantity and use it multiple times. Make sure that you store it in an airtight jar.


Hair Growth Tips: Amla, Reetha and Shikakai will add volume to your hair
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Amla, reetha and shikakai- the ultimate solution for your all hair problems

Not just hair fall these three magical ingredients can help you fight almost every hair problem. From hair damage to dry hair and frizzy hair, it can help you fight all these. Here are some other methods to use these three ingredients for hair.

Amla, reetha and shikakai hair mask for shiny, soft and long hair

To make your natural hair mask you need to crush these three magical ingredients. Simply throw them into a blender to make a fine powder. You should use all the three ingredients in equal quantity. To use this mask, take the powder according to the length of your hair. Now add normal water or rose water to it. Make a thick paste out of it. After washing your hair apply this paste thoroughly to your hair from roots to ends. Keep the paste for some time and later rinse it with just water. You can use this remedy once or twice a week.

Amla, reetha and shikakai for dandruff

You can also reduce dandruff with the help of these ingredients. To fight dandruff similarly make a powder of the three ingredients. Add two tablespoons of ghee or coconut oil to the powder. Mix all the ingredients well before use. Massage this paste on your scalp and keep it for some time. Later wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You should repeat this remedy at least once a week.

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Hair Growth Tips: You need to follow hair care routine for better hair quality
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Other Hair Care Tips

Along with the use of amla, reetha and shikakai you should take some precautions to protect your hair. Some of the hair care tips you must follow for healthy hair may include:

1. Protect your hair as much as possible from external damage. Try to cover your hair before you step outside. Wear a hat or wrap a scarf to avoid direct contact with sun and pollution with your hair. Cover your hair to preserve your hair health as much as possible.

2. Never skip oiling. Your mother or grandmother might have asked you to oil your hair on a regular basis. Both men and women should oil their hair regularly. It will provide strength to your hair and prevent hair fall. It will also give the required nourishment to your hair.

3. Brush your hair wisely. While brushing your hair start from the tips to roots. Also, choose the right brush according to your hair type. Do not brush your hair when it is wet because the moisture makes your hair follicles weak which triggers hair fall.

4. Avoid styling on a regular basis. Following the recent trends might be cool for you but it can take a toll on your hair quality. Colouring, regular curling or straightening or excessive use of hair spray can contribute damaged and lifeless hair.

5. Do not experiment too much with hair care products. You should try to stick to one hair care product which suits you well. Do not try a new product every other day. It can also lead to hair damage.

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