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Gout Remedies: Manage Levels Of Uric Acid With These Changes In Diet

Reduce uric acid: Gout is caused because of high uric acid levels in the blood. Cutting down on sugar, alcohol and consuming proteins in moderate amount can help in reducing uric acid production. Read here to know better.

Gout Remedies: Manage Levels Of Uric Acid With These Changes In Diet

Gout management: High alcohol consumption leads to high uric acid production


  1. High intake of sugar can increase uric acid production
  2. High levels of uric acid in diet can increase gout risk
  3. Eating a balanced diet and being well-hydrated can reduce your risk

Gout is the general term used for a variety of conditions that occur because of a build up of uric acid. The build up usually affects your feet. Swelling and pain in joints of foot, particularly on the big toe. Gout can be asymptomatic as well. Acute symptoms of gout come on quickly because of the build up of uric acid crystals in your joint, and many last for 3 to 10 days. Without treatment, gout can become chronic. It can result in formation of lumps in joints, the skin and soft tissues surrounding them. These deposits can cause permanent damage to joints. In order to prevent gout from getting chronic, timely treatment is of prime importance.

Gout management and diet: What you need to know

Celeb nutritionist Pooja Makhija, in a recent IGTV, talks about diet changes that can reduce pain caused by high uric acid induced gout. In the video, Makhija mentions that gout is a kind of inflammatory arthritis which causes high uric acid levels in the blood. "Incidence of gout has been largely increasing since the past 20 years. It is largely related to other co-morbities such as diabetes, high blood pressure as well as obesity," she says in the video.

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Uric acid is a biproduct of digestion. It is a waste product that the body releases through kidneys. Cutting down on purines can be an effective way of lowering uric acid levels. Organ meat, seafood, animal protein and even some pulses may contribute to high purine intake and high uric acid levels.

However, only one-third of uric is produced by dietary protein, and two-thirds of it is produced by the body itself. "Gout is something that can be managed with changes in diet. It is one of the most treatable forms of arthritis," says Makhija.

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Diet changes to manage gout

1. Sugar: High sugar intake not only increases risk of diabetes and insulin resistance, but also increases production of uric acid by the body. Also, it reduces the rate at which uric acid is excreted by the body. "95% of people who have gout also have hyperinsulinemia. Sugar also feeds bad bacteria in the gut, which produces more uric acid when it digests good," Makhija informs.

2. Fructose: High fructose corn syrup which is used in aerated drinks and products that have a high shelf life can increase production of uric acid.

3. Alcohol: High alcohol consumption leads to high uric acid production in the body by increasing its production and reducing its secretion. Cutting down on alcohol helps in bringing down levels of uric acid in the blood.


Cut down on alcohol in order to reduce risk of gout pain
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Moderate intake of protein can be helpful for people who have gout. Also, eating better quality of protein can help in excreting uric acid more efficiently. Drink sufficient water. Vitamin C supplements can help in filter out toxic waste faster and more easily. A balanced diet with moderate consumption of cruciferous vegetables can help in improving management of uric acid.

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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