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Tongue Burn Remedies Here Are 5 Quick Remedies

Here are 5 Tongue Burn Remedies that will help you get rid of that burning sensation in your tongue effectively and quickly.

Tongue Burn Remedies Here Are 5 Quick Remedies

These easy home remedies will help you get rid of a burnt tongue quickly and effectively.


  1. Too hot drinks and food can burn your tongue mildly to severely.
  2. Use sugar, aloe-vera, and honey for instant relief from the burn.
  3. Mint and Yogurt may also help.

Imagine this - you're about to take a sip of the freshly brewed coffee or that heavenly-smelling tea and as you take that much awaited sip in a hurry - oops! You realize it was piping hot and it was way too hot for your tongue to handle, and you're now left with a scalded mouth. Well, we've all been there. Gulping warm tea or a sip of piping hot coffee, taking a mouthful of hot piece of chocolate cake, biting into a cheesy pizza-all these can cause excruciating burns inside your mouth. A severely burned roof of mouth can last for hours, even days as it takes time to heal itself. The tissue on the roof of your mouth has many delicate tissues that may be sensitive to hot foods and drinks. Here is what to do if you burn your mouth.

Here are 5 easy home-remedies that will help you get rid of that burning sensation in your tongue effectively and quickly.

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1. Sugar

A very simple and easily available remedy for tongue-burns, sugar works as a soothing agent, and therefore helps provide you relief from the burning sensation in your tongue. Apart from that, it also betters the taste in your mouth.

4agcgc8Sugar works as a soothing agent and is good remedy for burnt tongue

2. Mint

This amazingly quick remedy to a burnt tongue helps you as it contains menthol that helps activate the cold-sensing nerves. Plus, it numbs-down the area and helps reduce inflammation, so you naturally feel better.

3. Honey

The antibacterial nature of honey helps prevent the bacteria from affecting the damaged skin. Not just that, honey being a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it is also a great choice for reducing swelling and pain.

hpnosnkgHoney is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and is good remedy for burnt tongue

4. Yogurt

With its soothing and cooling nature, yogurt helps you get rid of the burning in your mouth from piping-hot food, as it takes away the heat from the burn.

5. Aloe Vera

What Aloe Vera does to a burn is that it soothes down the damaged cells on the tongue, reduces pain and inflammation, therefore turning out to be a great remedy for a burnt tongue.

mkpqjccgAloe vera soothes the damaged burnt cells on the tongue

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