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Do You Have A Sitting Job? Know Ways To Move More At Your Desk Job

If are sitting all day, you are more prone to various health risks. To counter the side effects of sitting all day you need to increase the number of steps you walk in a day. Here are some ways to stay more active at your job which will not require some extra time or effort.

Do You Have A Sitting Job? Know Ways To Move More At Your Desk Job

Counter the side effects of sitting all day by increasing the number of steps you walk in a day


  1. Sitting all day can increase your weight significantly
  2. One should try to walk while attending a phone call
  3. You can keep many diseases at bay by simply walking a little more

Is your job forcing you to sit all day long? There can be various reasons behind sitting all day. But do you know the harmful effects of sitting for long periods? Prolonged sitting is related to several health hazards. It can increase the risk of several diseases. It puts you at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, poor metabolism and many more. To avoid these complications you need to find some ways to move more throughout the day. You might not get enough time to go for a walk or exercise regularly but there are certain ways which can simply increase the number of steps you take in a day.

Ways to move more at a sitting job

1. Go for a walk break

A tea break might be a part of your office culture. But you can change your tea break to a walk break. You can go for a walk around your office. You should also ask your colleagues to accompany you. It will also refresh your mind and give you a break from the work pressure. You will feel more stress-free after a walk. This way you will start enjoying your work as well.

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2. Walk and talk

Whenever you have to attend a call simply get up from your chair and start walking. You can walk while attending your phone calls. It will simply increase the number of steps you walk in a day. The best part about this method is that while attending a phone call you won't realise the distance you have covered because you will be indulged in the conversation.

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3. Walk meetings

Meetings are also a part of the daily office routine. But it is not compulsory to sit and talk. You can ask everyone to conduct a walking meeting. You can simply walk and discus every work. It will benefit everyone who is attending the meeting. This is a healthy way to discuss office work which you should introduce today.


Walk more to best the side effects of sitting for prolonged hours
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4. Change your daily routine

Simple changes in the daily routine can also add to the number of steps you are walking in a day. If it is possible to walk a little distance to your office then you must try that. You should also change your few habits. You should get up to get water or tea. You should choose the washroom which is quite far from your work station so that you simply walk a little more than usual. Also, try to stay a little active throughout the day.

5. Set a timer

Sometimes you are so indulged in your work that you completely forget that you have to walk a little bit after every interval. To reduce all the adverse effects of sitting for too long, set a timer which can remind you to get up. You can even develop severe back pain or bad posture due to prolonged sitting. Stand up for a while and walk around to keep all the harmful effects at bay.

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