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Ill-Effects Of Sitting All Day: Reasons Why You Should Move More Every Day

Sitting all day is linked with a higher risk of several chronic conditions. To counter the side effects you must ensure optimum levels of physical activities throughout the day.

Ill-Effects Of Sitting All Day: Reasons Why You Should Move More Every Day

Sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of heart disease

Sitting all day can affect your health negatively. From job requirements to a sedentary lifestyle, there are several reasons behind prolonged sitting. When you sit all day, you do not burn enough calories throughout the day. It also leaves a negative effect on different body organs. It is also linked with a higher risk of chronic diseases. Studies have also highlighted that sitting for long periods is associated with a number of health concerns. In this article, you will learn about what happens to your body when you sit for long periods.

Ill-effects of sitting all day

1. Effect on weight

When you sit for long periods you burn very few calories. Consuming more calories than you burn leads to weight gain. Unhealthy weight is a common risk factor for several diseases. It may also increase the risk of obesity.


Lack of physical activities lead to weight gain
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2. Effect on legs

Prolonged sitting can affect your legs too. Lack of activity is harmful for the leg muscles. In some cases, a person may experience spider veins too.

3. Effect on mental health

Lack of physical activity is bad for your mental health too. It can increase the risk of depression and anxiety. Regular exercise can also help control the symptoms.


Depression and stress may affect your day to day activities
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4. Effect on back and neck

Sitting for too long majorly affects your back, neck and shoulder. You are more likely to experience pain in back, neck and shoulder due to the continuous work these perform. Poor posture can worsen the condition.

5. Risk of diseases

Lack of activity is linked with a high risk of obesity which can further trigger the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

If you have a sitting job, try taking small walking breaks that can ensure some movement throughout the day.

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