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Follow These Tips To Counter The Side Effects Of Prolonged Sitting

Sitting for maximum hours can increase the risk of several diseases. Some simple precautions can help you fight these side effects. Here are some of these.

Follow These Tips To Counter The Side Effects Of Prolonged Sitting

Prolonged sitting can lead to back and neck pain


  1. Sitting for too long can lead to back pain
  2. Chose light and fibre-rich snacks to beat hunger pangs
  3. Start your day with exercising to stay active

Prolonged sitting is linked with several health issues. It can negatively affect your mental as well as physical health. From work to sedentary lifestyle there can be several reasons behind sitting for long hours. But many are not aware of the downsides linked with it. It can not only make you gain weight but lead to back pain, neck pain, poor posture, digestive issues, poor cholesterol, increased stress and more. Adequate movement throughout the day can help you counter the side effects sitting all day. Read here to know what you can do to fight the potential risk linked with it.

Know what you should do after prolonged sitting

1. Exercise

You can start your day with exercising to burn enough calories throughout the day. You can exercise at home to stay fit for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercising daily will also help you control stress and maintain a healthy weight. Kickstart your day with yoga, push-ups, plank, mountain climbers, squats and more. You can also watch workout videos online for the required guidance.

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2. Count your calorie intake

Sitting all day can significantly reduce the number of calories you burn in a day. Munching calorie-loaded snacks can make you gain extra weight. Therefore, it is essential to ensure optimum calorie intake throughout the day which is not too less or extra. You can choose fibre-rich snacks to beat hunger effectively.


Choose healthy snacks while working from home
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3. Move more often

Simply set an alarm to move more often during the day. Take frequent breaks and move around your house. Walking while attending phone calls is another clever way to increase your number of steps.

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4. Do stretches at your desk

Give a break to your muscles with simple stretches. Sitting all day puts stress on your back, neck and leg muscles. Take a break for a few minutes and do simple stretches two-three times a day. It will help you minimise the chances of back and neck pain.

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