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Do You Drink Too Many Cups Of Coffee In A Day? Know The Downsides

Consuming too much caffeine in a day affects your overall health negatively in several ways. Here are some possible side effects you need to know.

Do You Drink Too Many Cups Of Coffee In A Day? Know The Downsides

Coffee is loaded with caffeine that may affect your sleep pattern


  1. Reduce overall caffeine consumption to ensure better sleep
  2. Too much coffee can also leave you dehydrated
  3. Try herbal teas like chamomile tea, cinnamon tea or green tea

Is coffee the first thing you need to start your day? Do you love drinking coffee? Do you drink coffee when you are stressed? Are you addicted to coffee? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then here's something you need to know. Coffee is one of the commonly consumed drinks that is almost everyone's favourite. For some, it is a morning drink while others sip it in the evening. Many don't realise but end up consuming too many cups of coffee in a day. Coffee is rich in caffeine that can be harmful to your overall health in various ways when consumed in excess. Keep reading to know the side effects of consuming too much caffeine in a day.

Side effects of caffeine overload

1. May affect your sleep cycle

According to studies, consuming too much caffeine can affect your ability to fall asleep. It can put you at a higher risk of insomnia. Reducing your daily caffeine consumption can help ensure better sleep. Also, avoid drinking coffee before bed.


Drink chamomile tea or warm milk with honey to ensure better sleep
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2. Triggers anxiety

Caffeine affects hormones and increases alertness. Higher doses of caffeine may lead to anxiety. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help you boost overall mental health. Meditation and regular exercise assists in controlling depression symptoms and anxiety.

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3. Leads to digestive issues

Too much caffeine in your diet may affect your digestion too. Some may feel bloated or constipated. You can switch to caffeine-free herbal tea and enjoy the many benefits.


Reduce coffee consumption to avoid digestive issues
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4. Affects blood pressure

People with hypertension are often advised to limit caffeine consumption as it may worsen the condition. According to studies, excess of caffeine consumption may increase blood pressure numbers but the effect is temporary.

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5. Leaves you fatigued

Caffeinated drinks may make you feel energetic for a while but after some time leaves you fatigued and tired. Improper sleep due to high doses of caffeine can also lead to tiredness throughout the day.

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You can try to reduce your daily caffeine consumption and switch to healthy options like shakes, smoothies and herbal teas

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