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Diabetes And Coffee: What Is The Effect Of Caffeine On Blood Sugar Levels?

Caffeine: Do you drink coffee everyday? Diabetes diet should include foods and drinks which do not leave a negative effect on your blood sugar levels. Is coffee healthy for diabetics? What is the effect of caffeine on blood sugar levels? Read here to know all the answers.

Diabetes And Coffee: What Is The Effect Of Caffeine On Blood Sugar Levels?

Diabetes and caffeine: Coffee can help in preventing the risk of developing diabetes


  1. Read here to know how coffee effects your blood sugar levels
  2. Diabetics can consume vegetable juice for healthy blood sugar levels
  3. Diabetics should avoid drinks with added sugar

A person with diabetes has to be very careful about what to eat and what to avoid. As part of diabetes diet, you should include foods that can help control blood sugar levels naturally. There are several foods that can increase your blood sugar levels and make it difficult to manage diabetes. Blood sugar regulation is important to prevent complications associated with diabetes. In this article, we are going to talk about the effects of caffeine on blood sugar levels. Coffee is indeed a favourite beverage of many. But if you are diabetic is it healthy to consume coffee? Can caffeine affect your blood sugar levels? Here are some details diabetics should not miss.

Diabetes: Can caffeine affect blood sugar levels?

What you eat directly affects your blood sugar levels. Several studies suggest that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. If you already have diabetes, the effect may vary from person to person. Some may have a positive effect while others can experience increased blood sugar levels. The effect also depends on the quantity of the caffeine consumed. If your blood sugar levels are already out of control, you should reduce caffeine intake, especially with added sugar and cream. Caffeine consumption in moderation can be healthy for diabetics.

Dietitian Upasana Sharma, Head Nutritionist at Max Hospital explains, "Coffee is a very common beverage. According to studies, if a healthy individual consumes coffee in moderation it can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. But if the person is already suffering from diabetes, coffee consumption can contribute to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Ideally, diabetics should avoid coffee. They can opt for decaffeinated coffee without sugar."

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Diabetics should drink coffee in limited quantity
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Healthy drinks for diabetes

Diabetics can choose some healthy drinks which can help in controlling blood sugar levels naturally. Some of the healthy options may include-

1. Water

Enough water consumption is extremely important for every individual. People who consume enough water throughout the day have reported better blood sugar levels than those who don't. Water will also promote overall health and keep you hydrated.

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2. Vegetable juice

Vegetable juices are extremely healthy. These are loaded with several nutrients. Choose leafy greens to prepare vegetable juice for maximum benefits.


Vegetables juices are loaded with essential nutrients
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3. Herbal teas

Teas are also a healthy choice but without sugar. If you are a diabetic you can choose herbal teas which are loaded with several other benefits as well. Choose a cup of tea over drink loaded with loaded sugar.

"Tea is also not a healthy alternative as it contains caffeine. People with diabetes can consume herbal teas that are caffeine-free," Sharma adds. Some herbal teas that are caffeine-free include chamomile tea, ginger tea and peppermint tea to name a few. 

(Upasana Sharma is Head Nutritionist, Max Hospital, Gurgaon)

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