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3 Reasons To Include Bananas In Your Daily Diet

Bananas benefits: Did you know that potassium content in bananas make them great for high blood pressure patients? Find out more reasons to eat bananas every day, right here.

3 Reasons To Include Bananas In Your Daily Diet

Bananas are rich in fibre and potassium


  1. Bananas can help in reducing water retention
  2. They can help in preventing constipation, gas and bloating
  3. The fruit is versatile, easily-available and pocket-friendly

Do you go bananas over bananas? Then you are going to particularly love this article. Bananas are a powerhouse of nutrients. It is one fruit which is available throughout the year, across all seasons. It has a rich nutrient profile. It is one of the best-known sources of potassium. One medium-sized ripe banana can provide 450 gm potassium, 28 gms of carbs and 15 gms of naturally-occurring sugar. The fruit is immensely versatile, in the sense that there are multiple ways of including bananas in your diet.

Reasons to include bananas in your daily diet

As Jinal Shah, a nutritionist with Rujtua Diwekar says, you can have it as a fruit by itself, you can turn into a milkshake, you can also make a sabzi out of it, or fry banana slices for chips. Add it to halwa or bake a cake with it, there are simply several ways to enjoy the goodness of bananas.

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In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Shah talks about the benefits of bananas. Sharing a picture of unripe bananas which are green in colour. "A banana a day keeps bloating, gas and constipation away," she writes in the caption of her post.

This, however, stands true for both ripe and unripe bananas. Banana contains soluble fibre, which can ease bowel movement and keep constipation at bay. 100 gms of banana can give you 2.6 gm of fibre.

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Furthermore, bananas are packed with potassium and soluble fibre. They can help in flushing out excess sodium, which can help in bringing down water retention.

Studies found that if your diet lacks sufficient fibre, then you may be prone to gas and this is where including bananas in your diet can help you.

"Can be eaten as first meal on waking up, with a meal like lunch, evening snack or late night meal," says Shah.

So, if it has been long since you've had this amazing, pocket-friendly and easily-available fruit, go have one now!

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(Jinal Shah is nutritionist with Rujuta Diwekar)

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