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Do Not Throw Away Banana Peel! Here Are Some Unusual Ways To Use Banana Peels For Skin, Teeth And Many More

Are you throwing away the banana peel? If yes, you are doing it wrong. You can use banana peel for various purposes. Here are some unusual methods to use banana peel which can make your life simpler.

Do Not Throw Away Banana Peel! Here Are Some Unusual Ways To Use Banana Peels For Skin, Teeth And Many More

Banana peel can be used to fight many skin problems


  1. Banana peel can help you fight skin problems
  2. You can treat your headache with banana peel
  3. You can reduce puffiness under your eyes with banana peel

Banana is the most common fruit available which almost everyone likes. It has powerful anti-oxidants and many essential nutrients. Banana is also good for digestive health as well as heart health. Just like the fruit, banana peel is also loaded with many properties which are beneficial for your health. A banana peel can be used as well. Next time you eat a banana do not throw away the peel and avail the health benefits it offers. From skin health to dental health, banana peel can be used for many purposes. It may sound a little weird but yes banana peel can help you with many things. Here are some unusual uses of banana peel which you must try.

Ways to use banana peel

1. Banana peel for skin

Banana peel can help you fight many skin problems. It can help you reduce wrinkles, puffiness, dryness, acne scars and many more. All you need to do is simply rub the inside of a banana peel on your skin. For wrinkle and puffiness take two pieces of banana peel and keep it under your eyes for some time.


Banana peel can help you reduce acne scars
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2. Banana peel for teeth whitening

You can use banana peel to achieve those pearly whites. Rubbing banana peel directly to your teeth can give you the desired results. Try this every day for at least a week for effective results. You will notice changes after a few days.

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3. Banana peel for headache

Everyone can experience a headache at any time. One simple and not-so-popular remedy for a headache is using a banana peel. You can freeze one banana peel for some time and later place it on your forehead. It may not be a permanent solution to headaches but can give you some relief.


Banana peel can give you relief from headache
Photo Credit: iStock

4. Banana peel as a first aid

Banana peel has such properties which can give you some medicinal benefits. You can use it for sunburn or for treating a rash or a bug bite. Simply rub the inner side of the banana peel against your skin.

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Other uses of banana peel

  1. You can use it for cleaning things made with silver
  2. You can add banana peels to the soil of your garden which will provide many nutrients to the plats
  3. Rub banana peel on your scars to reduce redness and scarring
  4. Rub banana peels on your shoes and leather to polish them

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