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Constant Cough And Cold Giving You A Hard Time? Try This Immunity Boosting Turmeric Latte For Some Relief

Cough and cold remedies: If you have spent this winter sneezing and coughing, then including this immunity boosting turmeric latte in your diet can help you! Know the health benefits right here.

Constant Cough And Cold Giving You A Hard Time? Try This Immunity Boosting Turmeric Latte For Some Relief

Cough and cold: Turmeric latte with nutmeg and black pepper can boost immunity in winter


  1. Turmeric latte can be prepared with coconut milk
  2. Doing this can be helpful for people with lactose intolerance
  3. Add black pepper in turmeric latte to improve the drinks' health benefits

Cough and cold: Winter is the time when you need a strong immunity to prevent catching cough, cold and infections every now and then. Your diet and lifestyle play an important role when it comes to strengthening your immunity and protecting your body from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens try to enter your body on a daily basis. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutiho recently shared an immunity boosting drink in one of his recent posts on Instagram. It is none other than turmeric latte, or the traditional haldi doodh. However, apart from milk and turmeric, he adds a variety of other spices that not just impart a soothing flavour to the drink, but also makes it more powerful and effective in terms health benefits.

Turmeric latte with black pepper and nutmeg: know the benefits

Luke prepares his turmeric latte in coconut milk. Other ingredients that he adds are black pepper and nut meg.

1. Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a healthy alternative for cow milk. It can be great for people with lactose intolerance as well. Coconut milk contains beneficial medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which can be beneficial for aiding weight loss, improving body composition and metabolism. Additionally, coconut milk contains many beneficial compounds like antimicrobial lipids, capric acid and lauric acid, all of which have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. These properties can be made to use during the cold winter months when the body is more prone to catching diseases and infections.


Turmeric latte can be prepared with coconut milk as well
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2. Turmeric and black pepper

Health benefits of turmeric can be magnified when consumed in combination with black pepper. Curcumin in turmeric and piperine in black pepper are the two active ingredients that contribute to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and disease fighting qualities. Adding a pinch of black pepper to your turmeric latte can thus have amazing immunity-boosting benefits for your health.


Turmeric and black pepper can together help in boosting immunity
Photo Credit: iStock

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3. Nutmeg

One of the many benefits of nutmeg is that it boosts immunity. It is rich in iron, calcium and manganese. The spice has a calming effect on your body and can help in treating insomnia when consumed regularly. Essential volatile oils like elemicin, eugenol, safrole and myristicin can help in dealing with joint pain-which tends to worsen in cold winter months.

How to prepare this turmeric latte?

Take a cup of coconut milk and add to a pan. Add a pinch of nutmeg, black pepper and 1 tsp honey to sweeten the taste. Bring to the boil or heat it till it is suitable and comfortable for consumption. Have it before bed time every day.

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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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