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Can't Sleep At Night? Find Out If You Have Insomnia

Insomnia: This condition, which makes it difficult for you to fall asleep at night, causes mood swings, lack of motivation, negatively affect your attention span and concentration, cause memory problems, affect your performance at work and school, and much more.



  1. Stress and anxiety can cause insomnia
  2. Insomnia can cause sleep disturbances
  3. It can make you wake up early in the morning

Insomnia is referred to a sleep disorder which makes it difficult for a person to sleep at night or stay asleep. Insomnia can make you wake up too early and keep you from getting quality sleep. People suffering from insomnia do not get quality sleep and tend to feel tired and fatigued all day. It can affect your day-to-day functioning and that's why it is important to understand insomnia and the risks associated with it. Insomnia can be short-term and long-lasting or chronic. Chronic insomnia is when you are unable to sleep for at least 3 nights in a week for more than 3 months.

Type and causes of insomnia

Primary insomnia is the one which occurs because of major stress, being upset, constant travelling and irregular work schedules to name a few. Taking naps or worrying about sleep can also make you prone to primary insomnia.

Secondary insomnia occurs because of a sleep disorder like sleep apnea or other health conditions like arthritis, headaches, excessive alcohol intake, caffeine, etc.

Insomnia can be caused because of the following reasons:

1. Heavy dose medications or not using medications as per prescription

2. Exposure to noise, light and extreme temperatures

3. Suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, thyroid problems, asthma, anxiety, etc

4. Experiencing pain or discomfort

5. Disruption in regular sleep schedule because of travelling or switching work shifts

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Apart from the aforementioned symptoms of insomnia, the condition can also cause mood swings, lack of motivation, negatively affect your attention span and concentration, cause memory problems, affect your performance at work and school, and much more.


Insomnia can reduce attention span and concentration and cause memory problems
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How to find out if you have insomnia

To know if you are suffering from insomnia, it is important to find out about how stressed you are, your level of physical activity, use of medications, alcohol intake, tobacco consumption, etc. Obesity, being overweight and sleep apnea diagnosis may also be done to know if you have insomnia.

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How to treat insomnia?

Short-term sleep disturbances and insomnia can be dealt with at home. You can practice good sleep hygiene, improve your lifestyle, keep a gap of 2 hours between your dinner and bed time, exercise regularly and create a cosy environment at home. Practicing a good sleep hygiene can help in improving your sleep quality. Here are a few ways to practice good sleep hygiene.

If these remedies don't help, then you can resort to sleeping pills, tranquilisers, anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants, etc. However, the use of these medicines must be done only when they are prescribed to you by a doctor. Using these products without the prescription of a doctor can cause to side effects like agitation, confusion, daytime sleepiness, urinary difficulties and nervousness.

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Chronic insomnia needs to be dealt with a proper treatment. Behavioural therapy can help you calm down and relax. It can treat insomnia by altering behaviours which worsen the condition.

So if you are experiencing trouble in sleeping for quite a while, then try ways to improve your sleep and lifestyle. If this doesn't work, then you must seek treatment for insomnia as getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy weight and good overall health.


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Sleeping well is important for good overall health and even weight loss
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