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Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Metabolism, Says Study; Know Mistakes That Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Lack of sleep can affect your health in various ways. A recent study says inadequate sleep can also leave a strong impact on your metabolism. Read here to know the details explained by the study. Also, know other factors which can slow down your metabolism.

Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Metabolism, Says Study; Know Mistakes That Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Long-term sleep restriction puts people at a higher risk of obesity and diabetes


  1. Lack of sleep can feel less full after eating
  2. Inadequate sleep can trigger the risk of heart diseases
  3. There are many side effects of improper sleep

Improper sleep can make you feel tired the next day. You may not have enough energy to complete your day to day tasks efficiently. But these not the only side effects of inadequate sleep. Lack of sleep can trigger the risk of many chronic diseases. Another harmful effect of improper sleeping pattern is poor metabolism and you may not get effective results of your weight loss process. Lack of sleep can be harmful as it can make people feel less full after eating and metabolise the fat in food differently, says a study, adding to the mounting evidence that how harmful lack of sleep can be.

The study, published in the journal of Lipid Research, by Pennsylvania State University found that sleep disruption has been known to have harmful effects on metabolism for some time. Orfeu Buxton, a professor at Penn State, added that long-term sleep restriction puts people at a higher risk of obesity and diabetes.

Kelly Ness postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington ran the study. She and other researchers not only collected data but also spent time, "interacting with the subjects, playing games with them, talking with them - helping to keep them awake and engaged and positive."


If you are not sleeping properly you may feel hunger ever after having a meal
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To find out how the uncomfortable schedule affected metabolism, the researchers gave participants a standardized high-fat dinner, a bowl of chili mac, after four nights of sleep restriction. "It was very palatable -- none of our subjects had trouble finishing it -- but very calorically dense," Ness said, adding that most participants felt less satisfied after eating the same rich meal while sleep-deprived than, when they had eaten it well-rested.

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Researchers then compared blood samples from the study participants. They found that sleep restriction affected the postprandial lipid response, leading to faster clearance of lipids from the blood after a meal. That could predispose people to put on weight.

"The lipids weren't evaporating and were being stored," Buxton explained. This study was highly controlled, which makes it an imperfect model for the real world, Ness said.

It focused on healthy young people, who are usually at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and all of the participants were men. The researchers also wondered whether giving more recovery time would change the magnitude of recovery they observed. Nonetheless, according to Buxton, the study gives worthwhile insight into how the human body handles fat digestion.

Other factors which can slow down your metabolism

Other than sleep there are other symptoms which can slow down your metabolism. Better metabolism results in better weight loss. But there are many factors which can unintentionally contribute to poor metabolism.

1. Not eating enough calories

There are many fad diets which can make you consume very fewer calories. Consumption of very few calories can slow down your metabolism. You need to consume restricted calories to lose weight but do not drop the number of calories suddenly. Make a change in your diet slowly.

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2. Lack of physical activity

If you are not moving enough throughout the day, it can lead to poor metabolic rate. If you are following a sedentary lifestyle you will not burn enough calories which affect your metabolism.

3. Not consuming enough protein

Protein should be an essential part of your weight loss diet. Protein increases the rate at which your body burns fat. Add enough amount of protein to your diet. It will also keep you full for longer prevent you from eating extra calories.


Consume enough protein to maintain your metabolism
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4. Working without weights

Most people just try high-intensity workout to lose weight and do not give attention to other types of workouts. Strength training is very important to build strong metabolism. Add a few exercises with weights to improve metabolism.

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