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Effects Of Beetroot Juice On High Blood Pressure And Other Benefits You Can Count On

From reducing high blood pressure to aiding weight loss, the benefits of beetroot juice are many! Read here to know all of them!

Effects Of Beetroot Juice On High Blood Pressure And Other Benefits You Can Count On

Beetroots are delicious and can be easily added to your diet


  1. Beetroots help in improving athletic performance
  2. Beetroots can improve digestion
  3. They are rich in fibre and can help you lose weight

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you might want to consider beetroot juice for some relief. Beetroot, a vegetable which is famous for increasing haemoglobin levels, works wonders for reducing high blood pressure and even aiding weight loss. Beetroot contains nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule that the body produces for helping cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the body. Beetroots also contains antioxidants that can lower cholesterol. It is rich in B Vitamins that help in improving brain function and maintaining regular heartbeat.

Researchers have previously tested this plant to investigate its effect on blood pressure and if it can be used as part of modern medicine and a home remedy for high blood pressure. It was concluded that one glass of beetroot juice in a day can significantly reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

There are high levels of dietary nitrate in beetroot, which the body converts into biologically active nitrate and nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the one which dilates and relaxed blood vessels. As part of the study - carried out Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in the United Kingdom and published in the journal Hypertension - it was found that inorganic nitrate and supplementation of beetroot was associated with a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure.

Benefits of beetroots for high blood pressure and cholesterol make it the ideal vegetable for heart health. What's even better is that beetroot is low in calories and fat. It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, inorganic nitrates and pigments that offer a variety of health benefits.

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Beetroots for high blood pressure and other benefits to watch out for

1. They can improve digestion: Beetroot is a rich source of dietary fibre, a nutrient which can help improve the digestion process. Fibre helps in formation of the bulk of stools and feeds gut-friendly bacteria. This helps in improving digestive health and also prevents digestion conditions like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Delicious to taste and can be easily included in diet: Beetroot has a delicious juicy flavour to it. You can blend them in a juice or dips, roast them, add them to your salads and or eat them raw. Make sure you choose beets that are heavy for their size and have fresh, unwilted green leafy tops.


Drink beetroot juice everyday to regulate blood pressure levels
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3. They can reduce inflammation: Betalains are pigments in beetroots that can help in reducing inflammation. Inflammation is associated with a number of diseases like heart disease and obesity.

4. Good for brain health: Beetroot contains nitrates that help in improving blood flow to the brain. An inevitable part of ageing is mental and cognitive decline and eating beetroots can slow it down by dilating blood vessels and improving blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for decision making and memory.

5. Beets can improve athletic performance: Studies suggest that dietary nitrates in beetroots can be beneficial for improving athletic performance. Beetroots help in improving use of oxygen. Nitrates affect physical performance by improving efficiency of mitochondria, which is responsible for producing energy in your cells.

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If you want to reduce blood pressure and reap the aforementioned benefits of beetroot, drink a glass of beetroot juice daily or including beetroots in your daily diet. You are going to love the effect it has on your overall health!

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