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Do You Get Midnight Hunger Pangs? Here Are The Causes!

Taking a proper diet is essential but taking it at the right time is also as important. Waking up in the night hungry can be because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Read further to know more about it.

Do You Get Midnight Hunger Pangs? Here Are The Causes!

Unhealthy sleeping patterns can make you feel hungry during night


  1. Eating insufficiently during day and stuffing excessively during night
  2. It is advisable to set a fixed sleeping routine
  3. When the release of ghrelin hormone exceeds to leptin,you over-eat

Getting a sufficient sleep is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also helps in proper digestion of food. But most of us have habit of waking up hungry intermittently in the night and munching on whatever is available. A body's natural cycle doesn't need extra food intake after dinner and can sustain without any external energy during those 4-5 hours in the night. Waking up hungry during night might be because of unhealthy lifestyle which you can improve by making some small and simple changes in your daily routine.

1. Eating Habits

Going to bed with an empty stomach and messing up with lunch and breakfast schedule can give you those hunger pangs during night. Health Experts at the Harvard Medical School reported that eating insufficiently during the day and stuffing excessively during night can lead to indigestion and midnight hunger pangs. It is advisable to take moderate meal during night to have a good sleep.

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2. Night-Eating Syndrome

People suffering from NES (Night Eating Syndrome) wake up with strong hunger pangs and end up stuffing in inadequate calories in the middle of night. This nocturnal syndrome is pretty much similar to night-walking where the person is not aware of his/her activity unless told or stopped.

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Eating at odd hours can lead to weight gain and sleeplessness
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3.Sleeping Habits

Your sleeping habits play a major role in your eating habits. Going to bed too early or staying up late at night can make you feel hunger even after you have a good and nutritious dinner. It is advisable to set a fixed sleeping routine to reduce those midnight hunger pangs.

4. Hormonal Change

The imbalance of ghrelin in your body can make you feel hungry even if you have had sufficient amount of food. When the release of ghrelin (hormone) exceeds the release of leptin (which make you limit your food intake) in your body, you end up eating more than required. Stress level also adds to it.

5. Lifestyle Patterns

Watching television commercials which pictures of food late at night or scrolling through pictures of your favourite food on the internet can make you feel hungry during the night which often leads to release of certain hormones which makes you gain weight.

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