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7 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Always Cold: Tips To Keep Them Warm

Under usual circumstances, cold hands are a result of body's natural response during cold temperatures. Here are some effective tips to keep your hands warm this winter.

7 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Always Cold: Tips To Keep Them Warm

Anemia could be the reason you have cold hands


  1. Cold temperatures result in cold hands
  2. Vitamin B-12 deficiency could be the reason why you have cold hands
  3. Hypothyroidism makes you more sensitive to cold

While cold hands are a common occurrence during winter, some people have cold hands throughout the year. Under usual circumstances, cold hands are a result of body's natural response during cold temperatures. The body's priority is to keep itself warm. It instinctively takes the warm blood from extremities and draws it towards your core in order to protect lungs, heart and other organs protected. Cold hands despite normal temperatures could be because of an underlying condition. Anemia, vitamin deficiency, autoimmune conditions and hypothyroidism are possibly to be blamed.

Reasons why your hands are cold

1. Anemia

Lack of hemoglobin to carry oxygen rich blood to your hands may result in cold hands. Anemia can also make you feel fatigued and week. Iron deficiency is the top cause of anemia. Eating these iron-rich foods can help in dealing with anemia and cold hands.

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2. Cold temperatures

It is well-known that cold temperatures cause cold fingers. But you must be careful about frostbite. Frostbite is referred to the freezing of skin and underlying tissues. On being exposed to extremely cold temperatures, frostbite can develop on bare skin within minutes. In case frostbite progresses past first stage, it is likely to cause permanent damage to skin, muscles, tissues and bones. People with poor blood circulation in hands, Raynaud's syndrome or other health conditions are at increased risk of frostbite.

3. Raynaud's syndrome

This is a condition which causes some areas of the body, especially your fingers, to feel inappropriately cold and numb. This condition results in attacks of unusually cold and numb fingers. Raynaud's attack causes arteries to narrow down, preventing blood from circulation properly. It can even cause the skin to change colours to blue and red. As the attack ends, the fingers get back to normal, making you feel a swelling, throbbing and tingling sensation. The condition requires no treatment, but in case you feel discomfort because of cold hands, you can visit your doctor who will prescribe medications to widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation.


Anemia could be the reason you have cold hands
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4. Vitamin B-12 deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin b-12 could be the reason you have cold hands so often. Vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause neurological problems like numbness, coldness and tingling sensation in hands and feet. People with deficiency of Vitamin B-12 are at risk of anemia, weakness, fatigue, soreness of mouth and depression. Food sources of Vitamin B-12 include fish, meat, eggs, dairy, dairy products and poultry.

5. Lupus

This chronic autoimmune disease which can cause inflammation, could be the reason for your cold hands. Lupus occurs when body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues and organs. Lupus can result in inflammation all over the body including kidneys, skin, joints and blood cells.

6. Hypothyroidism

An underactive thyroid maybe the reason why you are hands are cold. The condition does not result in cold fingers but increases a person's sensitivity to cold. Hypothyroidism occurs when your thyroid does not produce enough hormones. It can cause weight gain, fatigue, puffy face, dry skin, hair loss, depression, heart disease, obesity and infertility.

7. Smoking

Smoking affects blood circulation, which could be the reason why you have cold hands. Smoking is extremely hazardous to healthy and is one of the top causes of cancer.

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How to warm up cold hands?

1. Try doing some jumping jacks to keep your blood pumping.

2. Put your hands under your armpits to benefit from the warm blood in your core.

3. Keep your fingers closer to each other.

4. Use mittens instead of gloves for extra warmth.

5. Run your hands under warm water until they feel better and then dry them fully.

6. Holding hot cup of tea can help in warming up your cold hands.

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