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Are These Fears Stopping You From Enjoying Your Sex Life?

When sex is about love, intimacy and closeness with your partner, it can't go wrong. But if there is a fear that holds you back, your sex life can come to a halt. Don't let that happen!

Are These Fears Stopping You From Enjoying Your Sex Life?

These fears can disturb your sex life


  1. Fear of performance is one of the worst nightmares for many people
  2. Fear of birth control should be tackled with education
  3. Don't shy away about your body and harm your sex life

Having an enjoyable sex life is a gift that not everyone is blessed with. It relieves you of stress, boosts your immunity and even helps in extending your lifespan. However, many people are afraid of sex, about the pain it might cause, or if it really is that enjoyable. Some couples have a difficult sex life because of the lack of sexual compatibility. To make matters even worse, there's a lot of shame surrounding sex, which makes sex more intimidating and worrisome than pleasurable and fun.

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Here are some of the most common fears about sex and how to overcome them:

1. Fear of performance

A fear most common among men, fear of performance is one of the worst nightmares for many people. Men enjoy sex and are most willing for it until that day arrives when they fail at it, and the sudden failure becomes a shock to the brain. Men tend to associate failure at bed with a lot of shame and this ends up affecting the subsequent intercourse episodes he has. Women feel this too but it is often easier to hide. In case the fear is too powerful, it should be addressed immediately without much further ado. Also, you can probably experiment and practice different moves and positions, as they are totally fun!

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2. Fear of the inability to satisfy

Some people delve too much in satisfying their partners, while completely ignoring their own pleasure and satisfaction. They are somehow convinced that satisfying their partners is more of a responsibility than something fun. Sometimes it is fine to sit back and communicate, and tell your partner what you really want as it is totally going to be worth it!

3. Fear of intimacy

Most people can tolerate a certain amount of intimacy. But sometimes, some people have such an extreme emotional connection that physical intimacy seems daunting and awkward. How about you ignore your fear of physical intimacy with this person, and give sex a try? Maybe, the experience fulfilling and spiritually satisfying beyond your expectations!

4. Fear of nudity

With social media flooding with photoshopped pictures of so-called perfect bodies, many couples shy away from taking off their clothes for sex. Well, we want to tell you that every individual has a unique body type and grooming preferences. If your partner doesn't like your true and natural self, then maybe, he/she is not worth it.

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5. Fear of failed protections

When it comes to fears that relate to birth control, it's important that you tackle such worries with education. Take the time to learn more about each and every type of birth control, so you can decide if it's right for you. Then, speak with a doctor to address any additional questions and concerns you may have.

6. Fear of embarrassment

Sex is messy. There's going to be any number of things that happen-noises, emissions from your body, liquids-but you just have to laugh it off and keep going. If your partner is judgmental or grossed out by anything that happens with your body during sex, then they're pretty immature and not someone you should be with. 


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