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5 Reasons Why Alia's, Katrina's Fitness Trainer Recommends Doing Dumbbells

Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises, movements and muscles.

5 Reasons Why Alias, Katrinas Fitness Trainer Recommends Doing Dumbbells

Dumbbell exercises allow user to use one limb at a time


  1. Dumbbell exercises can be used for a variety of movements
  2. They facilitate intense strengthening of muscles
  3. They are helpful in improving muscle coordination

Weight lifting is considered as an important fitness routine for maintaining and gaining of muscle mass. People who are looking forward to lose weight are often suggested to combine their calorie-burning cardio exercises with weight lifting for the best and most effective results over a period of time. This is something that our celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala (who is responsible for some of the hottest bodies of Bollywood, including Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone) too swears by. She recently posted a video informing about some effective dumbbell exercises which can help people build that essential muscle mass and tone up their muscles as well.

She posted a series of 5 exercises which included forward and backward lunges with dumbbells, dumbbell clean and press exercises, bent-over and rowing with dumbbells, double crunches with dumbbells and dumbbell snatch and jump.

In the caption, Yasmin mentions how dumbbells can also be replaced by 1 litre bottles as well.


#WorkoutWednesday: Here is a series of simple dumbbell (Db) exercises as requested by some of you. You can use a 1 litre water bottle if you don't have dumbbells... 1. Forward and Backward Lunges - 3 sets x 10 reps on each leg 2. Db Clean and Press - 3 sets x 10-15 reps 3. Db Bent-over Row - 3 sets x 15 reps 4. Double Crunch - 3 sets x 15 reps 5. Db Snatch and Jump - 3 sets x 10 reps on each side Have you signed up for the first #PilatesFestivalIndia in #Atmantan, Jan 25-28th, 2018. Email on today. #befitbecauseyoudeserveit #yasminfitnessmantra #YasminsBodyImage #CelebrityTrainer #fitnessgoals #BeFitwithYasminKarachiwala #fitnessgoals #FitFriday #ChairWorkout

A post shared by Yasmin Karachiwala (@yasminkarachiwala) on

Here are other benefits of dumbbell exercises:

1. A variety of exercises can be done with dumbbells

Various equipment in the gym involve movement only in one particular way, involving only some specific muscles. Dumbbells, however, can be used for a variety of exercises, movements and muscles.

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2. Enables mechanic and metabolic overload

Mechanic overload helps in improving the damage caused by muscle contractions, repairs them and increases the size of muscles. Metabolic overload, on the other hand, is helpful when muscles are overworked. It enables muscle cells to store more glycogen, thus leading to an increase in muscle size. Working out with moderate-weight dumbbells produces metabolic overload and working out with heavy weights leads to mechanic overload.

3. Dumbbells enable to focus on one arm or leg at a time

Dumbbells work wonders for strength training because of this factor. One single dumbbell can used for exercises which involve the movement of only one limb at a time, hence facilitating muscles more intensely.

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4. Benefits contractile element and elastic component of muscle tissue

Contractile element is a muscle protein responsible for sliding movements which create shortening actions and controls lengthening. The elastic component is the connective tissue attaching all every single muscle fibre with groups of fibres. Heavy-weight dumbells strengthens the contractile element capacity and light-weight dumbbells make the elastic component stronger and more resilient.

5. Creates inter and intra-muscular coordination

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Creation of inter and intra-muscular coordination increases the level of activation of muscles. Inter-muscular coordination stabilises the motion of joints by involving a number of muscles at once. Intra-muscular coordination is a process of activation muscle fibres attached with muscle motor units in one specific muscle. While dumbbells of lighter weight provide inter-muscular coordination, heavy-weight dumbbells facilitate intra-muscle coordination. 

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