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5 Natural Ways To Lower Your Uric Acid Levels: Know The Causes And Risk Factors

High uric acid levels can increase risk of diabetes, hypertension and gout. Here's why you must take it seriously.

5 Natural Ways To Lower Your Uric Acid Levels: Know The Causes And Risk Factors

Eating foods rich in purine can increase uric acid levels


  1. Dried beans, beer and cauliflower are foods rich in purines
  2. High intake of purines can increase levels of uric acid in blood
  3. High levels of uric acid can cause permanent damage to bones and joints

Uric acid is natural waste product form digestion of foods that contain purines. Foods that contain high levels of purines are beer, certain meats, sardines and dried beans. Purines can also be formed and broken down in your body. Uric acid is filtered through kidneys and in urine. Consumption of too much purine or if the body is unable to get rid of the by-product quickly, it can lead to build up of uric acid in your blood. High levels of uric acids, known as hyperuricemia, can lead to gout. Gout can make your blood and urine too acidic. It causes painful joints which accumulate urate crystals.

Diet high in purines, stress, obesity or being overweight and genetics can lead to high levels or uric acid in blood. If you have a kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, psoriasis and hypothyroidism, you may be at risk high uric acid.

If left untreated, high levels of uric acid can cause permanent damage to bones, joints and tissues. High uric acid levels have also been liked to hypertension, fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Here are some ways to naturally lower uric acid levels naturally

Limiting intake of purine-rich foods can be the first step towards naturally lowering your uric acid levels in the body. Avoid eating foods like scallops, cauliflower, dried beans, green beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, fish and shellfish to reduce your purine intake.

1. Lose weight: Carrying extra weight can increase uric acid levels. This occurs because fat cells make more uric acid than muscle cells. Work towards losing weight if you want to lower your uric acid levels. Consume a healthy diet, sleep well, take less stress and exercise regularly to lose weight effectively.

2. Keep a check on your blood sugar levels: People with type 2 diabetes may have too much insulin in their blood stream. Excessive insulin can lead to excess uric acid in the body, as well as weight gain. 


Keep a check on your blood sugar levels for managing uric acid levels in the body
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3. Drink sufficient water: Staying hydrated can help your kidneys flush out uric acid faster. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water every day.

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4. Avoid sugary foods: Sugary foods and drinks need to be avoided to maintain weight and uric acid levels.

5. Limit intake of alcohol: Drinking alcohol can cause dehydration and increase uric acid levels in the body. When you drink alcohol, the kidneys first filter out products that enter the blood because of alcohol intake, instead of uric acid and other waste products.

High levels of uric acid level should be taken seriously and treated on time in order to prevent it from getting worse, and leading to other health consequences.

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