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Do You Have A Lump Behind Your Ear: Here's What It Means?

Ear lumps do not signal a dangerous problem

Do You Have A Lump Behind Your Ear: Heres What It Means?

You can check for ear lumps by touching the area with your fingers


  1. Most ear lumps are harmless
  2. They don't indicate serious danger to health
  3. Ear lumps can be treated with antibiotics

Any lumps or nodules behind the ear are usually considered harmless. If there's an infection, you might need medication. But in most cases, ear lumps do not signal a dangerous problem. There can be many reasons for knots, bumps, lumps or nodules in your body. People who have history of acne might find it easy to diagnose a lump. But otherwise, the best way to check for lumps or nodes is by touching the area behind your ears to see if there's any skin protruding out.

If the protruding skin feels soft, it is a fatty lump or lipoma. If the spot is tender, but painful, it can be a pimple. If you are experiencing fever or chills, it might indicate infection.

Read below to know the reasons why you have or might have a lump behind your ear:

1. Infections

Bacterial and viral infections can often lead to swelling around neck and face. Infections like measles, chicken pox and HIV are quite likely to give lumps.

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2. Lipoma

Lipoma is a lump which develops between different layers of skin. These lumps can develop anywhere in the body are harmless. They are visible on the skin surface and might even grow in size over time.

3. Acne vulgaris

In acne, pimples and bumps may develop when dead skin cells and oil clog hair follicles on the skin. These lumps can grow large in some cases and also cause discomfort.

4. Abscess

When cells or tissues in the body get infected, it gives room to the development of abscess. White blood cells react to these infections by attempting to kill harmful bacteria or virus. But white blood cells often begin accumulating in the infected area, does causing development of pus. An abscess is warm and painful to touch.

5. Lymphadenopathy

This is a condition which begins in our lymph nodes - which are present under our arms, neck, pelvis and behind eats. These lymph nodes end up in swelling in case of infections.

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6. Mastoiditis

On times your ear infection go untreated, it might lead to a condition known as mastoiditis. Mastoiditis is an infection which develops in the bony protruded area behind the year. It can lead to development of pus-filled cysts.

7. Otitis media

Otitis media is also a kind of ear infection. Ear infections can either be bacterial or viral. They can cause swelling and buildup of fluids. Antibiotics can be helpful in treating such ear infections.

8. Sebaceous cysts

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These cysts are bumps that arise underneath the skin. Common spaces where sebaceous cysts develop are neck, head and torso. The cyst develops around the sebaceous gland - which is responsible for lubrication of skin and hair. These cysts are not painful but might cause minor discomfort or irritation.

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