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Hearing Loss: 8 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

Some simple preventive measures can save you the trouble of turning up the volume due to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss: 8 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not a treatable condition


  1. Hearing loss is not treatable
  2. Loud noises are primarily responsible for noise-induced hearing loss
  3. Don't put anything in your ears

Do you feel the need to turn up the volume every now and then? It could be due to any reason, be it your age or your habit of listening to loud music. We agree that taking a long drive with loud music is fun, but trust us; it won't be fun for too long. Eventually, this habit may place you at risk of hearing loss. The worst part about hearing loss is that this condition is not treatable. Once affected, you cannot go back to the normal condition. It usually happens due to two causes; that is age and exposure to loud noises. Now the age-induced hearing loss is something you can't really ignore but the noise-induced one can be prevented. Some simple preventive measures can save you the trouble of turning up the volume or asking people around you to be louder.

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Here's a list of the 8 best ways to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Take note.

1. Avoid loud noises

Now that goes without saying! Loud noises are the primary reason responsible for the noise-induced hearing loss. For this try to avoid loud noises as much as possible. Try to avoid rock concerts, jet engines, loud crackers, explosives, clubs or any place where there is too much noise.

2. Wear hearing protection

Sometimes, you cannot avoid loud noises. In this condition, you can take a precautionary measure for protecting your ears by wearing an earplug or an earmuff. The tiny hair cells in your ears are very sensitive to loud noises. Once they are damaged, you may suffer from the permanent hearing loss.

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3. Turn down the volume

A swift drive, pleasant weather and loud music, what else can one hope for! Yes, we know this setting is absolute bliss, but the music may not be so blissful for your ears. Listen to music but don't keep it so loud that your ears fail to take the noise. Also, while buying appliances like blenders, dryers, food processors and vacuum cleaners, try to opt for one which has a low decibel level. They contribute to hearing problems as well.

4. Avoid putting things in your ear

Follow this simple rule of thumb; put nothing in your ears. Grandma used to pour some oil in her ears but you must not do that. Besides this, avoid poking foreign objects into your ears. These include earbuds or even your fingers. Even if your purpose is to clean them through, this habit will do no good to your ears.

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5. Don't delay ear infection treatments

Otitis media is an ear infection taking place in the middle ear. This infection is common in kids but it can take place in adults as well. These infections are likely to occur frequently which is why they must never be avoided. Always get an appropriate treatment for ear infections because some infections contribute to hearing loss.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking in no way can be good for your overall health. For your ears, this habit may contribute to hearing loss. Tobacco in cigarettes is a contributing factor for hearing loss. So if you wish to enjoy the mesmerizing sounds around you for the rest of your life, quit smoking now!

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7. Eat healthily

Surprisingly, eating an unhealthy and unbalanced diet contributes to hearing loss. Recent studies show that poor diet contributes to hearing loss.

8. Avoid earphones, use headphones instead

Audio devices are one of the most important culprits when it comes to hearing loss. The earbuds in your earphones are more dangerous because they fit directly next to the eardrum, exposing it to more harm. So a safer option is headphones. However, you must remember that these too expose you to a risk of hearing loss. So make one rule, headphones only 60 minutes a day with only 60% volume, for the sake of your ears.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information. 


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