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Bone Health: Take Care Of Vitamin D Deficiency And Other Tips For Strong Bones You Must Follow

Bone health: Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and eating foods that are rich sources of calcium can help you have strong bones. Also, spend some time under the sunlight to prevent Vitamin D deficiency.

Bone Health: Take Care Of Vitamin D Deficiency And Other Tips For Strong Bones You Must Follow

Tips for healthy bones: Calcium and Vitamin D are both required to have strong bones


  1. Eat milk, cottage cheese and dairy products
  2. They can provide you with both calcium and Vitamin D
  3. Spend some time in the sunlight to prevent Vitamin D deficiency

Coronavirus lockdown and social distancing norms had made it imperative for people to spend even more time indoors. Not spending sufficient time under the sunlight is one of the top causes of Vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D can make one feel tired and fatigued. The sunshine vitamin is also responsible for the health of our bones. Vitamin D along with calcium can help facilitate strong bones. Having weak bones can put you at risk of the likes of back pain and knee pain. Vitamin D deficiency can also increase risk of osteoporosis.

Here are some effective ways to manage your Vitamin D levels and bone health

Exercising regularly and consuming a healthy balanced diet, and spending some time under the sun is an effective way to manage your Vitamin D levels, and maintain bone health.

1. Eat foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D

Dairy products like milk and cottage cheese are good source of calcium and Vitamin D. Leafy green veggies and dried fruits are other sources of dietary calcium. Speaking of Vitamin D, egg yolks, mushrooms, milk and fatty liver contain traces of it. Calcium and Vitamin D are needed together for strong bones. While calcium helps in building and maintaining bones, Vitamin D helps the body to effectively absorb calcium.


Milk and dairy products are a good source of calcium
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2. Be physically active and exercise

Exercising helps in strengthening your muscles as well as bones. Weight lifting, climbing stairs, walking, running and cycling are some exercising that can improve your body strength. They stimulate bone cells and improve bone mineral density, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

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3. Live a healthy lifestyle

Do not smoke and reduce your alcohol intake to a bare minimum. Avoid long hours of sitting. Avoiding unhealthy lifestyle can lower your rate of bone loss and prevent deterioration of bones.

A combination of these habits is what you need for strong and healthy bones. To prevent Vitamin D deficiency, try to spend 5-10 minutes under the sunlight daily. You can also take supplements, but only as prescribed by your doctor or health expert.

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