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6 Strange Facts About The Vagina Every Woman Should Know

Seriously vagina, you are so fascinating!

6 Strange Facts About The Vagina Every Woman Should Know

Bet you didn't know these facts about the vagina!


  1. Your vagina is capable of keeping itself clean
  2. Vagina is a tube which connects the vaginal opening to the cervix
  3. Hymen is not present in all women

The vagina is fascinating. It just keeps us mesmerized by the look, the colour, the abilities, the strength and what not. Yet this body part is not quite well-discussed. So let's take a look at the most amazing and least-discussed facts about the vagina.

1. It is self-cleaning

Your vagina is capable of keeping itself clean. You need not use any cleansers or soap to clean it down there. The various glands around the vagina release fluids to keep it lubricated and clean. Using soap down there will lead to disruptions with the natural pH balance of the vagina and risk infections.

2. You cannot actually see it

So here's a clarification for the word vagina. People believe vagina to be the opening of the female sexual organ. Turns out, it is actually just the vaginal opening. The vagina is actually a tube which connects the vaginal opening to the cervix. So, you can actually never see your vagina. So, what you see is the vulva, not vagina.

3. Not all women have a hymen

The thin tissue associated with virginity is called hymen and is not present in all women. It may break in some women through rigorous exercising, hormonal disturbances or intercourse. This thin tissue is 1 to 2 cm long and covers the vaginal opening. Since it is not present in all women, the usual hymen related issues like bleeding during the first time is actually subjective.

4. Your diet defines how you smell down there

Though the definitive proof for this one is yet to be discovered, anecdotal evidence shows that the smell down there can differ when you are ovulating and when you eat foods like garlic.

5. It expands after sex

So when you are aroused or experiencing an orgasm, the inner two-thirds of your vagina expands in both length and breadth.

6. Sex is what it needs to stay healthy

Sex is fun, energy boosting, stress-reliever, calorie cutter and so much more. But the one important benefit of sex for women is the fact that it keeps the vagina healthy. When a woman starts aging, the vagina starts to lose its lubrication due to the decreasing levels of oestrogen. Sex can help in keeping the blood flowing down there. Some doctors even recommend vibrators to keep blood flow ongoing without any disruptions.

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Seriously, vagina, you always impress us!


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