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6 Health Check-Ups Women Can Do At Home

Dear ladies, you may not need to rush to a doctor for regular health check-ups. Here's a list of some DIY medical assessments you can try at home.

6 Health Check-Ups Women Can Do At Home

DIY medical assessments for women


  1. Try a self breast exam to check for early signs of breast cancer
  2. Over-the-counter urine test can help you check for UTIs
  3. Pregnancy test checks for fluctuations in hormones in urine

The key to staying healthy is a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and of course, regular medical check-ups. But in a world where people are rushing to meet daily targets, there is one thing that one continues to skip every now and then, and that is keeping a tab on one's own health conditions. This is one of the major reasons to blame for an increased incidence of incurable diseases.

But, amidst the hectic schedule, pending targets and stipulated time, how can one keep visiting a doctor to get medical check-ups done every now and then. Here's a solution, you can conduct some DIY health assessments in the comfort of your homes. If not all, there are some basic health check-ups which can be done at home and in the privacy of your own bathroom.

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So ladies, here's a list of the simplest DIY health assessments you can practice at home.

1. Self breast exam

The incidence of breast cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. In such a scenario, it is very important for you to keep a tab on your health and check for any early sign or symptom of the disease. To conduct a self-breast exam, stand with your upper body naked in front of the mirror so you can see your breast. Look for dimples, redness or scaliness of the skin and check for the difference between the two breasts.

Now lie down, raise the right arm above your head, and use three fingers of your left hand to feel over the right breast which begins at the armpit. Repeat the same on the other side. This method is different from the first suggested method.

2. How to check heart rate

Heart disease is a serious health condition in women. Thankfully, there are ways of keeping a tab on one's heart rate at home. For this you need to find your pulse and check your heartbeat rate. Place your index and middle fingers on your wrist at the base of the thumb. Keep a tab on your heartbeat per minute; ideally it should be between 60 to 100 heartbeats in a minute. Any irregularities should be reported to a doctor immediately.

3. Checking for UTIs

Urinary tract infections can be very distressing for women. A burning sensation while urinating and an urge to urinate again and again is what UTIs are all about. If you feel you have a UTI, an over-the-counter test can help you confirm the same. If the test shows positive visit your doctor immediately and get the treatment done ASAP. Delay can lead to severe problems with the kidney. However, if the test shows negative but you still continue to experience the symptoms, check with a doctor.

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4. Ovulation test

These over-the-counter tests are not just meant to check for the presence of diseases. These tests can also help in pinpointing the best time for conception for you. This test checks for an increase in hormone levels, which is indicative of ovulation (ovaries are about to release an egg). Take note of these points while using this test:

  • For a 28-day menstrual cycle, you can take the test 11 days after you start your period. Else you can check the manufacturer's instructions.
  • If the test shows positive, means you are about to ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours.

5. Pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests have become a common tool now. They are available in almost all drug stores and are highly accurate if they are used the correct way. This test works by checking the hormone levels in your urine. To get the most accurate result, you must use the test a week after you miss your period. If positive, check with a doctor, if negative, you must still check with a doctor. You could also try taking the test again after a few days.

6. Glucose test

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Also referred as the reflective glucose monitoring, this test is meant for diabetics to check for their blood glucose levels. It can help diabetics to keep a tab on their blood sugar levels and check if they are increasing overtime or not. An easy-to-use blood sugar monitor can be kept at home for regular monitoring of the blood sugar levels. 

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