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Health and Wellness - Save a Life: Episode 11

PUBLISHED ON: Oct 10, 2022 | Duration: 23:37 Min

Every life matters! It's a sad but a true fact that the number of people dying from cardiovascular disease is steadily rising in India. Most of these cardiac deaths are sudden and on the spot. But it is possible to prevent these sudden cardiac deaths if the affected receives immediate medical attention and CPR. The recent incidences of some celebrities collapsing suddenly and passing away due to a heart attack are eye-opening and shocking.  There is an alarming rise in the number of young patients with heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest.

In almost every family we have at least one member with heart disease. What if you can save a life in an emergency situation? Yes, it is possible if you are well-trained in CPR. Many adults in cardiac arrest can be revived with intact neurologic function if the bystanders provide immediate CPR. Raising public awareness and understanding of the practical applications of CPR is an essential strategy to increase CPR success in cardiac arrest cases. Save a Life is an initiative through which people will be made aware of the early signs & symptoms of cardiac arrest so that patients can get to the hospital in time and also be trained on giving CPR if the need arises. Today, we have with us eminent cardiologists who can help you understand sudden cardiac death and the role of CPR to REVIVE and SAVE A LIFE.



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