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Dental Health: Ditch These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Tooth Decay

You can unknowingly affect your dental health with many poor habits. To maintain good oral health you need to do more than just brushing your teeth. Here are some habits which you must avoid to keep tooth decay at bay.

Dental Health: Ditch These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Tooth Decay

Oral care: Flossing is as important as brushing for healthy teeth


  1. Flossing is extremely important for your dental health
  2. Do not use too much toothpaste
  3. Avoid soda to preserve your dental health

If you think that brushing your teeth is enough to maintain good oral health for lifetime then you are wrong. You need to take good care of your oral health to avoid dental problems. Good oral hygiene habits should be inculcated firm childhood only. Healthy teeth are required for lifetime. Few habits can unknowingly affect your dental health in various ways. Just brushing your teeth is not the ultimate method to reduce all dental problems. If you ignore your dental health you may experience tooth decay which can trouble you for lifetime. Here are some habits which you should avoid to maintain your dental health and help you prevent tooth decay.

Poor habits that can lead to tooth decay

1. Not brushing before going to bed

Too lazy to brush before going to bed? Brushing twice a day is extremely important to maintain oral health for lifetime. Most people skip brushing at night but it is as important morning brushing. Make it a habit to brush your teeth before going to bed and also encourage your children to do so.


Not brushing twice a day can trigger tooth decay
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2. Using a hard toothbrush

Your toothbrush can also affect your dental health. You should avoid using a brush with hard bristle as it can damage the tooth enamel which will trigger tooth decay. Use a soft brush and brush your teeth in a circular motion. Also brush your teeth with soft hand do not be too harsh with your teeth. It is also important to change your toothbrush after a few months.

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3. Skipping flossing

Flossing is as important as brushing. After brushing your teeth do not forget to floss. Flossing will help you get rid of the impurities stuck in between the small gaps. Follow the three basic steps- brush, floss and wash. Flossing just once a day is enough to maintain dental hygiene.

4. Drinking too much soda

Consumption of sodas and carbonated drinks are harmful for your teeth. These drinks directly harm your tooth enamel and can too much consumption can lead to erosion. These drinks are also high in sugar which can also increase the risk of cavities.


Drinking too much soda can destroy tooth enamel
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5. Smoking

Smoking is not just bad for your lungs. Smoking affects many other body parts and organs negatively. So, here's another reason to quit smoking. Smoking can damage the enamel. Smoking majorly leaves black stains on your teeth. It also affects the gums and triggers several dental issues.

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