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Skincare: Things You Should Avoid After Intense Sun Exposure

Skincare tips: Have you been exposed to sunlight? Is your skin tanned? Here are some tips you should follow post-sun exposure.

Skincare: Things You Should Avoid After Intense Sun Exposure

Skincare tips: Choose a sunscreen with SPF 50 or more, says expert


  1. You should apply a sunscreen daily
  2. Apply sunscreen even on a cloudy day
  3. Avoid use of vitamin C after intense sun exposure

Exposure to sunlight can affect your skin in various ways. Experts and doctors always advise applying sunscreen daily irrespective of the weather outside. As the summer season is almost here, the chances of exposure to sun are also higher. If you have been exposed to the sun, then you must take care of a few factors to help your skin revive. The application of certain products should be controlled for a while. Recently, Dr. Rashmi Shetty who is a dermatologist took to Instagram to share a few things you should follow after intense sun exposure. Keep reading to find out all the details she shared that can help you get back healthy skin.

Skincare tips: Here's what you should do after intense sun exposure

Dr. Shetty says, "Skin is tender, red and sensitive also dehydrated and burnt after an intense or prolonged sun exposure such as after a beach holiday, swim, trek etc. Do not use a scrub or any facewash with acids in it. You should also restrict the use of any night cream with vitamin C, AHAs or BHAs."

"You should also avoid the use of anti-ageing ingredients and anti-acne ingredients. Do not attempt a de-tan in the first two to three days." she further adds.

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What should you do?

The dermatologist says that you should focus on hydration, recovery and calming your skin for some time.


Apply a sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage
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If you are planning to visit such places where your skin is likely to get exposed to the sun more than usual, do forget to keep your sunscreen handy. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 50 or more and keep sum damage at bay. Also, do not forget to keep your skin hydrated.

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(Dr. Rashmi Shetty is a Celebrity Dermatologist, International Faculty, Author and Expert in Aesthetics at Mumbai and Hyderabad)

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