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Skincare: Here's What You Should Eat And Avoid For Healthy Skin This Summer

Skincare tips: Dermatologist Dr Kiran has provided some dietary recommendations to prevent acne and breakouts in summer. Find out do's and don'ts.

Skincare: Heres What You Should Eat And Avoid For Healthy Skin This Summer

Skincare tips: Avoid spicy foods to prevent skin issues in summers


  1. Add plenty of fresh fruits to your summer diet for healthy skin
  2. Avoid too much consumption of spicy foods in summer
  3. Drink adequate amount of water to flush toxins

While summer brings with it a plethora of good things, the season also includes a dose of pesky rashes, acne and dull skin. And while we make sure to apply ample sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun, we do not pay enough attention to what we are putting into our body. The food we consume can have a tremendous impact on the overall health of our skin and therefore, we must be mindful of what we are eating. Explaining this further, Dr Kiran, a dermatologist has put together some tips and tricks to achieve better skin by monitoring the food we eat.

Skincare: Summer diet tip for healthy skin

In a video, she said, "Here is a roundup of summer foods and our quick guide to better skin this season with the foods that you eat. Some 'need to knows' - to make sure you don't break out into acne and other heat rashes. Stay home, be healthy and eat well. This can be our time for rest and rejuvenation."

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She first started with mango, a seasonal favourite that people across the world love to binge on. Explaining that too much mango can be bad for your skin, she said, "Mangoes tend to cause a bit of acne," adding that it could be because of an ingredient that is used to ripen the fruit. "Eat in moderation. I know they are yummy but if you don't want zits, probably reducing the number of mangoes you have, might help."


Skincare: Eat mangoes in moderation to prevent zits
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She then said that one must also avoid very spicy food in this weather. "This will probably trigger more acne and more sensitivity as well," she said, adding that colder foods are better suited for the weather.

Dr Kiran then goes on to ask viewers to have ample antioxidant-rich foods such as amlas, fruits and vegetables. "This will help you a lot," she said.

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She also suggested having almond milk in a fruit shake and said that this is something that you can do every day. "It is a source of natural nutrition and yummy taste," she said.

Watch the video here:

The expert has previously also referred to the importance of using sunscreen while stepping out in this weather.

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