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This Morning And Bedtime Skincare Routine Can Get You The Perfect Skin. Take A Look

Skincare tips: Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad and fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala share tips for those 'day dreaming' of the perfect skin.

This Morning And Bedtime Skincare Routine Can Get You The Perfect Skin. Take A Look

Follow a healthy skincare routine to keep skin-related problems at bay


  1. You should apply sun screen daily
  2. Do not apply too much product at once
  3. Never sleep without removing your make up

A skincare routine can be an ambitious step towards better skin for many of us. However, don't we often get confused and bogged down by the variety of information drifting all over the internet? What to use, when to use, and how much to use are often the most persistent questions in our minds. With the AM/PM skincare routine, where we deal with our skincare just before hitting the bed and after waking up, things can get a bit puzzling. However, to make it simple, fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala and dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad have shown us the rules to follow through a series of short videos.

Here are the steps to follow for the AM or morning routine:

Cleansing: Cleansing is important to wash off all the products we applied on our face at night.

Face serum: Do not take more than 3 drops of serum. Warm it in the hand and dab it all over the face. Don't forget the under-eye area.

Moisturising: Moisturise the face and neck equally.

Sunscreen: Make sure to cover both face and neck with sunscreen. In case the face looks white after applying sunscreen, either wait a few moments till it normalises. If it doesn't, we are probably using the wrong sunscreen. Apply makeup only after this step.

But what about a toner? The dermatologist's suggestion is that we skip it unless we have very oily or acne-prone skin.

For the PM or bedtime skincare routine, Dr Jaishree suggests these steps:

Makeup: Always remove makeup before going to sleep. Sleeping with makeup on can cause skin pores to clog and we certainly do not want that.

Cleansing: Cleansing the day's dirt from the face is important for healthy skin.

Under-eye serum: Take only 1 drop of the serum and gently dab it under the eyes.

Face serum: Apply 3 drops of serum all over the face and neck.

Targeted cream: This includes any specific cream that's used for treating specific problems like anti-ageing, pigmentation or acne.

Watch the videos here:

While fixing a skincare routine may be cumbersome in the beginning, following it regularly can give us the flawless skin that we dream of.

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