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Bid Good Bye To Dull Skin With These Face Masks You Can Make At Home

Skincare tips: Revive the natural glow of your skin with these face masks you can make at home. They are made with banana, cucumber, tomatoes and other foods that can work wonders for giving you a glowing skin.

Bid Good Bye To Dull Skin With These Face Masks You Can Make At Home

Foods for skin: Vitamin-C rich tomatoes can help you have a glowing skin


  1. Kiwi plays a major role in collagen synthesis
  2. Enzymes in papaya can act as a natural skin exfoliator
  3. Vitamin A rich bananas can help in treating acne

Getting a healthy and glowing skin may be more difficult than it seems to be. Sometimes, you might have tried and tested every possible remedy for a younger-looking skin, but still achieved no results. Well, poor weather, hot and humid climate, pollution, dust and dirt may be responsible for this. Apart from following a healthy diet, avoiding processed, deep-fried and junk food, and even dairy products (for lesser acne), you can topically apply a few foods on your skin to heal them naturally and revive its natural glow. Talking about such foods is nutritionist Nmami Aggarwal on Instagram.

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Face masks for glowing skin: Foods that can help your skin retain its natural glow

In her IGTV, Nmami says that your diet might not always be responsible for skin damage. Poor weather and pollution can also be contributing factors to skin conditions like sunburn and rashes. Incorporating the following foods in your diet can help you achieve the desired skin texture:

1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are capable of reducing damaged caused by harmful UV rays on the skin. It can also reduce spots and blemished on skin. All you need to do is simply take a tomato slice and massage it gently on your skin. Repeat twice or thrice a week until you get desired results. Tomato is a natural source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. You can also eat raw tomatoes or include them in your salads to reap maximum benefits from them.


Tomatoes can help in reducing spots and blemished on skin
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2. Kiwi: Kiwi is also a good source of Vitamin C. It plays a major role in collagen synthesis. Include kiwi in your daily diet to get a naturally young and vibrant-looking skin, says Nmami. 

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Other face masks you can try for a naturally glowing skin

3. Papaya: Papaya contains natural enzymes that can help you have a naturally glowing complexion. Prepare a face mask with mashed papaya (1/2 cup), honey (1 tsp) and whipped egg white (1). Enzymes in papaya can act as a natural exfoliator that can scrape off dead skin cells.

4. Banana: Vitamin A-rich bananas can help in treating acne. Bananas can help the pores of the skin stay clean. You can apply mashed banana on face or make a banana face pack with 1 mashed banana, 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tsp turmeric powder.

5. Cucumber: Cucumber is a hydrating food which is cooling in nature. It can reduce redness and also make your skin feel fresh. You can create a cucumber scrub by pureeing 1/2 cucumber. Add 1/4 cup milk, 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp brown sugar. Scrub it gently on your face. It will help you have a soft and glowing skin with regular use. Using this scrub once or twice a week can give you good results.


Cucumber can have a refreshing effect on your skin
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(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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