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Orange Peel For Glowing Skin: Make Your Own Face Mask With Orange Peels For A Natural Glow

Something you always throw away can be used to achieve glowing skin. Orange peels are loaded with beauty benefits which can make your skin glow. You can make your own face pack with orange peel and say goodbye to all skin problems.

Orange Peel For Glowing Skin: Make Your Own Face Mask With Orange Peels For A Natural Glow

Glowing Skin: Orange peel face pack will provide vitamin C to your skin


  1. Glowing skin is a dream of every girl
  2. Natural ingredients are best for your skin
  3. Combine aloe vera and orange peel for best results

Do you love the tangy taste of oranges? You might not be aware but not just orange, its peel can help in many ways. So, next time you eat an orange do not throw its peel and make the best out of it. An orange peel can help you fight skin issues. It is loaded with certain properties which can benefit your skin. It is a natural way to achieve a glowing skin. You can prepare your own face mask with orange peel. Regular use of this mask will reduce dark spots, pigmentation, blackheads and will bring a natural glow. You might have noticed that most skincare products contain orange as an ingredient due to the ample amount of vitamin C in it. A homemade orange peel face mask will also provide your skin vitamin C which will purify your skin and bring a natural glow. It also has anti-bacterial properties which will result in acne-free skin. You can prepare your own natural face mask with some simple steps and ingredients.

Methods to prepare an orange peel face mask

To make different face masks with orange peels you need to keep them under the sun for a few days. Allow it to lose all its moisture and let it dry completely. Now blend the peel properly to make a thin powder out of it.

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Orange peel and turmeric powder face pack

You can combine turmeric with orange peel to make a face pack. Turmeric is loaded with properties which can work wonders for the skin. It has been used for beauty purposes since ages. To prepare this pack you need to take one tablespoon of the powder you formed out of orange peels. Now mix around two pinches of turmeric to it. Add rose water to this mixture to make a paste. Now apply this pack all over your face and leave it for around 15 minutes. Wash your face with water and rub the pack in circular motions on your face.

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Orange peel and aloe vera gel face pack

Aloe vera gel is a magical ingredient which can help you fight every beauty problem. It can be mixed with orange peel powder to make a perfect face pack for your skin. To make this pack you need to mix orange peel powder with aloe vera gel to make a paste. Apply this paste all over your face and keep it for 10 minutes. Later wash your face with cold water. You can try this remedy twice or thrice a week. It will give benefits of both aloe vera gel and orange peel.


Skin care tips: Involve natural ingredients in your skin care routine for better results
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Orange peel as a face scrub

Scrubbing should be an essential part of your skincare routine as it helps you to clean your skin properly. Exfoliation will clear your skin pores and remove deposits from it. It will remove the impurities and give you glowing skin. You can make your own scrub with orange peel. To make a scrub do not form a thin powder. Now simply take this thick powder and rub it on your face in circular motions. Rub it for few minutes but do not go too harsh on your face. It will clean your skin and will also provide you the benefits of vitamin C.

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