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Experts Share 5 Tips To Upgrade Your Skincare This Monsoon

Monsoon skincare: The rainy season is all about using products that are light on your skin. Read here to know what experts recommend.

Experts Share 5 Tips To Upgrade Your Skincare This Monsoon

Monsoon skincare: Wash your face often and use gentle cleansers during the rainy season


  1. Use a gel-based moisturiser and sunscreen
  2. Wash your face with salicylic acid face wash
  3. Avoid using too much make-up

Monsoon skincare is slightly different than skincare in other season. This is the time when people with oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, open pores or even acne need to take extra care of the skin. The rainy season is the time to upgrade your skincare to suit the change in weather. Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia talks about a few such skincare products that you can help in keeping your skin fresh and healthy, in her recent post on Instagram.

Monsoon skincare: Tips to improve your skincare routine

The rainy season is accompanied by more humidity, which is primarily the reason for oily and greasy skin and even frizzy hair.

1. Change your cleanser

According to Dr Lohia, if you sweat a lot, and if is feeling oily and greasy, then change your face wash to the one with salicylic acid. "Saslic DS and iS clinical Cleansing Complex are two great products for the monsoon season," says Dr Lohia.

A gentle foaming cleanser that remove excess sebum is going to be helpful for the rainy season. Cosmetologist Priya Bhandari recommends using Skeyndor's urban white skin foaming cleanser, which deep cleanses the skin and removes impurities and excess sebum. The cleanser can be used twice a day, she recommends.


Wash your face regularly if you get too sweaty
Photo Credit: iStock

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2. Use a gentle and light moisturiser

This is the time use a light moisturiser, preferably a gel-based or a light lotion like Sebium hydra moisturiser. You can also opt for not using any moisturiser at all if your skin feels oily or greasy. A Pore Refining Serum can also be helpful for your monsoon skincare. Bhandari recommends using it twice a day and it will help in controlling oiliness and even reducing skin pore size.

3. Use a light sunscreen

Your sunscreen should be gel-based or a light lotion. You need to ensure that the moisturiser is not too heavy and doesn't feel too obstructive on the skin.

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4. Refresh your skin

Excess humidity in the air makes your skin oily and no matter how many times you splash water on your face, you don't feel fresh. A refreshing and hydrating toner like a thermal concentrate water can refresh your skin naturally. Bhandari recommends using a toner twice a day for best results.

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5. Go light on your make-up

This is the time to go light on your make-up as well. Do not load your face with multiple products as the excess sebum is only going to make it all look greasy.

(Dr Kiran Lohiya is a dermatologist at Isya Aesthetics)

(Priya Bhandari, Cosmetologist, Skeyndor India)

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