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7 Useful Pregnancy Tips For A Vaginal/Normal Delivery

Where you wish to ensure everything normal for your child when he/she comes in this world, why not ensure a normal welcome as well.

7 Useful Pregnancy Tips For A Vaginal/Normal Delivery

Every woman is capable of delivering a baby by the natural process, normal delivery


  1. A normal delivery is a natural process which every woman is capable of
  2. Certain bigger complications make C-section the preferable choice
  3. Overeating may increase weight and decrease chances of normal delivery

Pregnancy is one special period in any woman's life. This wonderful combination of pains and gains has a lot of things to think and care about. After all, it is the period when you are not alone. This is the period when it's you and your bundle of joy physically attached with you. Where you wish to ensure a normal life for your little one, why not prepare for welcoming him/her normally into the world and not by means of surgery.

A normal delivery is a natural process which every woman is capable of, only if she takes proper care during pregnancy. Minor complications in the pregnancy do not make it any less possible for a woman to deliver a baby normally. However, certain bigger complications make C-section the preferable choice. There are steps which can be taken during the pregnancy to ensure normal and natural childbirth.

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Here's a list of tips which can help you ensure a normal delivery:

1. Good prenatal education

The very first step is to get you educated about pregnancy and birthing. Try some simple labour pain management mechanisms like breathing, relaxation, self-hypnosis to prepare for the later stages.

2. Exercise

During pregnancy, you are usually asked to take rest and relax. However, you must keep yourself going during this period. Do not lift too heavy weights, but you can practice some exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles and thighs. These are helpful when it comes to combating labour pain. Practice pelvic stretches and tilts, squats for thighs. Exercise under the supervision of an expert because your mistakes can have a direct impact on your baby.

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3. Diet

Eat right and eat proper. This is when you need good nutritional intake for your body. But, make sure that you do not overeat. Overeating may increase your weight and decrease your chances of normal delivery. Eat foods that nourish you and make you stronger for the upcoming months.

4. Say no to stress

Don't allow stress, anxiety and contemplation affect you. Read books on parenting, talk to elders and stay around positive and happy people.

5. Practice breathing exercises

Proper oxygen supply to the baby is important for ensuring proper growth. Also, you need to hold and deep breathe from time to time during labour. So practice breathing exercises to prepare for labour.

6. Take a massage

Regular massages are important for you during the third trimester of pregnancy. Massages can help in keeping you prepared for labour; mitigate pain in joints and the muscle tension as well.

7. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is anyway important for your body. But when you are pregnant, it is even more important. Water is important for giving you that extra stamina you need during labour. Stock some fresh fruit juice and energy drinks to make up for your need of water.

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