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Dozens of Live Maggots Removed From Boy's Ears!

After a closed examination, the doctors found that there were dozens of live maggots wriggling inside his ears causing the boy immense pain.

Dozens of Live Maggots Removed From Boy

Dozens of maggots were taken out from the boy's ears after diagnosis


  1. The reason behind this bizarre incident is yet to be known
  2. Maggots are one-centimetre long insect larvae
  3. Keep your house clean and tidy to prevent such species

In what could be called as a bizarre incident, doctors removed dozens of maggots (insect larvae) from a boy's ears in Kazakhstan. According to the medical reports, the incident came to fore when an unidentified boy went to the doctor, complaining of severe pain in his ears. After complete diagnosis, it was found that the real cause of the pain was those squirming live maggots inside his ear. This unusual incident came to light when an eyewitness uploaded the video online. The video has garnered many millions of views on different social media sites so far.

The doctors carefully pulled the grey maggots or larvae one-by-one using tweezers and deposited them in a surgical dish. There were dozens of maggots swarming around the stainless steel container when the doctors successfully finished the operation. The identifications of the boy and the main reason behind this unusual incident is yet to be known.

How to stop these species from entering your body?

Maggots are about one centimeter long and are believed to be the larvae of a bluebottle or brow fly (Calliphoridae). Because of their small sizes, these species can also enter your body and can even harm your vital organs if not removed on time. These are certain preventive measures in order to stop them from entering your body-

1. Always store your food in sealed containers and tie your garbage bags tightly. Make sure that you keep your house clean and tidy.

2. Flies will lay eggs in your pet's food as well, so keep changing their food fully and don't just top it up.

3. If you compost your garbage at home, be sure to keep it completely sealed and covered.

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How to get rid of them?

Maggots can enter your body without your notice and can spread at an alarming pace if you don't do anything about them. While visiting your doctor is the most essential thing to do in such cases, you can take take certain precautionary measures at home to quickly get rid of them.

1. Remove all food sources from your house because the flies might lay their eggs over them.

2. Pour boiling water over maggots to kill them instantly though not if they're in your ear. You can also add a cup of bleach and one and half cup of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of boiling water.

3. You can use your dish soaps to get scrap off these insects as they contain a little borax which is an excellent insect repellent.

4. Plants also works effectively in warding off these insects. You can plant marigold, chrysanthemum, lavender, and tansy, which will keep the flies away. There is a plant called Venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant that loves to eat flies. Make sure that you make some space for such carnivorous plants if you want to kill those deadly maggots.


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