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Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer You Need To Know

Prostate cancer signs and symptoms: Early detection of prostrate cancer can help in fighting the progression of the disease. Here are some warning signs and symptoms, every men must know.

Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer You Need To Know

Prostate Cancer: Early detection can help control the progression of the cancer


  1. Prostate cancer can cause pain in pelvic area
  2. Blood in the urine is never normal, it could indicate prostate cancer
  3. Elderly men are prone to prostate cancer

Prostate-related problems have become the top factor in rising cases of cancer in men in India in the last several years. However, India still lags behind in the awareness of this disease, partly driven by stigma and hesitancy from the patients to approach a doctor till it is too late. The prostate is an important part of male reproductive system that is linked closely to the urinary system. While men across ages can suffer from issues related to prostate, it is even more crucial for men over 50 years of age to closely look for signs of problems. There are a number of problems relating to prostate but the three most common medical conditions are inflammation (prostatitis), prostate enlargement (BPH) and prostate cancer.

If diagnosed at an early stage and treated at an early stage, a patient can live a healthy life and survive for over a decade. But the lack of awareness about the condition makes it a fatal disease in most cases as the patients come in at a much later stage.

If the cancer is diagnosed at the stage when it's confined to only the prostate gland it's more likely to be cured completely. The treatment can include radiation and therapy to kill the cancer cells or by removing the malignant gland from the body through a surgical procedure. 

Prostrate Cancer: Sings and symptoms you must watch out for

1. Frequent urination in night particularly- If the prostate becomes enlarged, it can put extra pressure on the urethra blocking the flow of urine resulting in an irritation to the bladder wall. This causes contractions in the bladder even before it's completely full and makes one urinate more. The condition is more pressing during night.

2. Trouble During Urination- When the cancer blocks your prostate gland it can start causing a number of alarming issues like pain while urinating, trouble in standing up to urinate, a weak stream while urinating etc.


Prostrate cancer can cause trouble in urination
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3. Blood in Urine or Semen- Blood in urine or semen can be cause for alarm and can be a result of prostate cancer getting advanced

4. Trouble during ejaculation- Given the prostate gland is a part of male reproductive system it can cause pain or burning sensation during ejaculation. The condition can also cause erectile dysfunction in some cases.

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5. Pressure on Rectum- An enlarged prostate can press against the rectum and create pressure at all times.

6. Pain or stiffness in lower back, hips, pelvic or rectal area: Stiffness or pain in the areas around the prostate can indicate an infection. While some advanced conditions like cancer can cause stiffness in lower back, hips, pelvis or upper thighs, in most cases a sharp pain and pressure will be felt in the perineum along with pain around penis and scrotum.

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It is possible that these symptoms are not always caused by prostate cancer but other prostate related conditions like prostatitis or benign prostate enlargement. With the increasing number of prostate cancer cases in India, it's imperative that we start paying attention to the first signs and consult a doctor. It is also equally crucial to develop a culture of getting regular prostate check ups to avoid the diseases altogether.

(Dr. Bivek Kumar, Urologist, Andrologit, Urological Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital - Kormangala Bangalore)

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