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World Mental Health Day 2022: 4 Simple Hacks That Can Help You Calm An Anxious Mind

World Mental Health Day 2022: Anxiety is a common mental health conditions faced by many these days. Here are some simple tips from expert that can help you calm your anxious mind.

World Mental Health Day 2022: 4 Simple Hacks That Can Help You Calm An Anxious Mind

Mental Health Day: Staying physically active can help beat symptoms of anxiety


  1. Anxiety is commonly experienced by many these days
  2. Poor mental health can affect your day to day activities
  3. Exercise regularly to boost your mental health

Fear and anxiety are one of the most powerful emotions that have a strong impact on our mind and body. Our brain acts as the body's control room, which implies that it has an active role to play in regulating the body's functions and how you feel and think. Anxiety is a progressive level of apprehension which has an ability to severely sap your mind energy, causing your anxiety levels to rise. When we comprehend about an anxiety disorder, we generally consider it to be uncomfortable emotional reaction to threat. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in thinking about anxiety this way, there also exists an entirely different way of contemplating an anxious situation, which can be more helpful in dealing with it. The good news is that, this long-lasting emotional chain can be broken by training your brain to combat stress, stay calm and perceive life from a more positive perspective.

The below mentioned ways will help you constructively train your anxious mind to empower you to overcome anxiety:

1. Learn more about your anxieties:

The foremost step although is the hardest one but it is absolutely crucial to conquer nervousness. It is difficult to overcome a fear that stays hidden in the regions of your subconscious mind without you facing it. When you turn towards your anxieties rather than running away from it, you start noticing aspects pertaining to your fear that you didn't know before. This consciousness will aid you in countering it better. This can be done by maintain a journal and jotting down anything that seems important. Transferring your stressors into writing can facilitate you in demystifying them. They are no longer so big and so insurmountable.

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2. Get moving:

Physical activity is perhaps the last thing you want to indulge in when your mind in anxious. But in reality, exercise is one of the most exceptional and natural antianxiety solutions. Working out tends to raise endorphins and serotonin levels that facilitates one to feel emotionally good. And when you feel better on the inside, your overall outlook is improved. To nurture a healthy mind, it is advisable to indulge in at least 30 minutes of physical activity.


Mental health: Exercise stimulates happy hormones that can improve your mental health
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3. Learn to live in the moment:

Most of us tend to be more fixated on focussing about tomorrow's challenges or yesterday's mistakes, instead of focussing on the current moment. None of us can control the future or borrow a time machine to change the past. Instead, we must learn to take each day as it comes to help lessen anxiety build-up. Since mindfulness is deeply rooted in living in the moment and has been found to lessen stress, one must try and indulge in mindful exercises to win the anxiety battle.

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4. Awareness, a crucial anxiety healing weapon:

Being aware of your thoughts is one of the most significant steps in combatting anxiety. You must take charge of your thoughts, instead of allowing your thoughts to control you. This can be done by categorising them. For instance, if a negative thought comes to your mind, you must list it and entitle it as negative and something that you must not indulge in.

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When anxiety overloads your brains and weakens performance, it's time to choose the above-mentioned strategies that will put us in charge of your emotional dialogue.

(Kanchan Rai is a Mental & Emotional Wellbeing coach and Founder at Let Us talk)

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