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Anjali Mukerjee Shares Whether To Have Or Not To Have Apple Cider Vinegar When Have Acidity

Anjali explains in detail whether you can have apple cider vinegar when you have acidity or not.

Anjali Mukerjee Shares Whether To Have Or Not To Have Apple Cider Vinegar When Have Acidity

One must stop consuming apple cider vinegar if it's worsening acidity symptoms

Acidity is quite common these days. It can be because of meal timings, lack of physical activities, smoking or other factors. Acidity comes with burning pain or discomfort that you may feel in your stomach or even in your chest. A sour-tasting acid backing up into your mouth and troubling you is one terrible experience to go through. During such times, people follow certain home remedies to get relief. And one such remedy is consuming apple cider vinegar. It's believed that apple cider vinegar soothes acid reflux. But not everyone's body functions that same way. If you are confused about whether you should have apple cider vinegar when you have acidity or not, nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee has an answer for you.

In the video, Anjali says that it is absolutely okay to take apple cider vinegar when you have acidity. She further states that it is important to know the reason why. Well, this is because she explains, that generally, people experience acidity because they are unable to digest the food or the protein present in the food that they are consuming. And because they possibly have hypochlorhydria or low levels of stomach acids, they are unable to digest the food. Therefore, they have acidity after food or acid reflux or GIRD.

Now, Anjali says, “If these are your symptoms and you take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and have it, either just before or after a meal or during the meal, or anytime around the meal and you find relief, then obviously it is suiting you. And it's going to help you with acidity”.

However, if you feel more acidic, or miserable after taking apple cider vinegar, then obviously, you should stop taking it. People with ulcers will feel more acidic. So, you should not take apple cider vinegar. That's the only condition where you need not take or should not take apple cider vinegar, Anjali adds.

But most cases of acidity will be greatly helped if you take apple cider vinegar because the reason for the acidity is the low level of stomach acids and taking apple cider vinegar will definitely help you a lot in digestion.

Take a look:

Next time, when you are thinking of having apple cider vinegar while experiencing acidity, make sure you refer to these points by Anjali Mukerjee.

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