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Working From Home? Gym Shut Down? Follow These Tips To Make The Most Of The Extra Time You Have

Working from home can surely leave you with some extra time. The current situation can be stressful for everyone. Here are some tips that could help you make the most of this time.

Working From Home? Gym Shut Down? Follow These Tips To Make The Most Of The Extra Time You Have

Coronavirus: If you are working from home, try reconnecting with your friends and family


  1. Sleep well and on time every day to maintain strong immunity
  2. Do not skip exercising and be physically active
  3. Stay away from distressing media coverage

The outbreak of coronavirus had made many work places to go for work from home. Also, maintaining social distancing is important to prevent the outbreak from spreading further. Now spending time at home can be refreshing for some and stressful for others. Most of the time your work is going to keep you busy. But there are other times when the social distancing may make you feel freer than usual and unnecessarily anxious. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, in one of his recent IGTVs talks about ways to utilise at home.

Coronavirus: How to utilise the time you spend at home

Work from home, shutdown of schools and gyms etc has resulted in a change of routine. Spending time at home can make you feel restricted for many activities. But it should not be used an excuse for being lazy, not being physically active, eating unhealthy food, not exercising and much. Keep reading to know how to make the most of your time at home:

1. Make sure you sleep well

Sleeping well is important for your immunity. Train the body into the circadian rhythm of sleep. Try to wake up and sleep at the same time every day (preferably early). This will help in improving your sleep cycle and may be beneficial for your immunity.


Sleep well in order to keep your immunity in check
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2. Do exercise for an hour

This is the time when you have the luxury of time. You can utilise this time to make up for all the days that you have missed the gym because of being busy. Both cardio and weight training exercises can be done at home. You can climb the stairs, do jumping ropes or on-the-spot jogging for cardio. Watch Zumba and dance videos online to make your cardio fun. Body weight training exercises like planks, push-ups, pull-ups, etc can be done to make for your daily strength training routine.

3. Eat well and do include immunity-boosting foods in your diet

You are likely to experience more cravings when at home. There can be times when you overeat unintentionally. Know that both these situations need to be controlled for avoiding weight gain and other health-related issues. Also, this is the time to up intake of immunity-boosting foods like amla, ginger, garlic, spinach, yogurt, red bell peppers, citrus fruits etc. Avoid ordering food from outside and prepare your own meals at home.

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4. Take less stress

The outbreak of COVID-19 may make you feel worried and anxious. Too much stress can negatively impact your health and thus stress management is important. Stay away from upsetting media coverage, try to make more and more people aware of how coronavirus spreads and what one can do for preventing it. Think of the times you dealt with other crisis situation and implement them now again to reduce stress caused by coronavirus.


Avoid taking too much stress amidst coronavirus outbreak and the shutdowns that are following
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5. Stay in touch

This is the best time to reconnect with friends and family. Talk to your near and dear ones about how you feel. Rebuild those bonds which faded away over the years because of your busy schedule. The more you talk and share, the easier it will be for you to spend this time in self-quarantine.

Stay safe, everyone!

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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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