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Wondering If Your Posture Is Correct? Find Out Here

The fitness expert shared a series of videos on her social media describing various postures. 

Wondering If Your Posture Is Correct? Find Out Here

Poor posture can lead to increased risk of several health conditions


  1. Maintaining a healthy posture is crucial for your overall health
  2. Poor posture can affect more than just your back
  3. Are you maintaining a healthy posture? Find out here

In this growing digital age where everyone is constantly hooked on to some screen or the other, paying attention to our posture has become increasingly important. Poor physical posture can lead to a number of health-related problems and increase the risk of incorrect spinal alignment. Slouching for hours while sitting can result in the spine forming an S or C shape condition called Scoliosis. Improving one's posture at a young age can prevent all sorts of maladies and back ailments. To help understand the different kinds of postures, fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala shared a series of videos on her Instagram featuring physiotherapist Dr Hemakshi Basu. 

In the videos wherein Yasmin demonstrates the different kinds of postures along with their effects on the body, she wrote in the caption, “Which one are you? Hey everyone. Every Wednesday in July is dedicated to improving our posture. Do any of the above resonate with you and cause you pain? Stop for a moment. Evaluate and understand where the pain is coming from.” 

In the video, Yasmin demonstrates the following types of postures: 

1) Ideal Posture

Your ears must be over the shoulders and the shoulder over your hips, and your hips over the knees and heels. The one full alignment is your ideal posture while standing. 

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2) Forward Head Posture:

Your ears are ahead of your shoulders and your chin is poking out leading to your upper neck muscles tightening and your back neck muscles to weaken. The front of the neck muscles loses their stability.

3) Rounded Back Posture

The Slouched posture. Your shoulders are rounded, and your back is rounded. Posterior scapular muscles are lengthened and weak and all the anterior muscles are short and tight. 

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4) Lordotic Back Posture

Hyper-arched back your lower back extensors and hip extensors are tight. Abdominal muscles and glutes become weak and your hamstring is lengthened, inefficient and weak. 

5) Sway Back Posture

Your hips move ahead of your heels and are in line with your toes. Your glutes get switched off and become weak which is the biggest drawback of this posture. 

Watch the full video here -

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Find out which of the postures demonstrated apply to you and how to improve it for a healthy and fit life.

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