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Having Sex First Time After Pregnancy? 6 Helpful Tips

Childbirth can be tough on your body and mind, but it is possible to bring back intimacy to your relationship.

Having Sex First Time After Pregnancy? 6 Helpful Tips

Be patient and communicate your worries or problems to your partner to manage sex after childbirth


  1. Sex can be painful and lead to bleeding after childbirth so take it easy
  2. Let you partner know of the hormonal changes in your body
  3. Mornings are an ideal time and so is any time your baby sleeps
You should know that what can happen under the sheets after a pregnancy is different from what you could do before. Not only do you have to take care of your newborn at odd hours of the night, your energy and drive for sex can be much lesser than before. Doctors generally give a go ahead for sex after 4-6 weeks of childbirth though this duration may be longer in case of cesarean deliveries since there is a risk of stitches opening up.

It's also important to wait to do it until your vaginal discharge stops. This discharge happens to all women after childbirth and doing sex during this time can lead to painful infections. But all that said, sex after childbirth is totally possible and important to get intimacy back in your relationship.

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Childbirth can make your body clock go haywire and sex after it is no easy feat
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Here are 6 tips to keep in mind if you are attempting sex for the first time after your pregnancy.

  1. The first time will be painful. This is generally because of problems in your pelvic floor muscles like weakness and can sometimes be corrected with kegel exercises. Try positions that limit the penetration and if the pain is too much, consult a physical therapist.
  2. It can lead to bleeding. When your uterus contracts due to orgasm or your cervix is irritated during sex, bleeding is natural to occur. This can make the intercourse messy so make sure you spread towels on the bed and keep them handy.
  3. Sleeplessness can be your biggest enemy since your baby will need breastfeeding every 2-3 hours and won't generally sleep through the night. So early mornings are generally a safe time for sex since you won't be sleep deprived or any other time when your baby is napping is ideal.
  4. Your hormonal levels vary widely during and after pregnancy. Estrogen in particular drops after childbirth and while this is good since it prevents ovulation, it also leads to vaginal dryness. So you may need lubricants like coconut oil.
  5. Another hormone, prolactin that helps make milk for your baby is a libido killer and so it is natural for you to feel not in the mood for intimacy. Breastfeeding can make your breasts sensitive so it's a good idea to ask your partner to indulge in a lot of foreplay but not with the breast.
  6. You may feel uncomfortable with how your body looks. Flabby skin, stretch marks and baby weight can reduce your sex drive. But remember that you are in this together and the guy who has a baby with you accepts you in all ways. If it helps, get under blankets.
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