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What Is Better For Breakfast- Milk Or Orange Juice?

If you like both milk and orange juice for breakfast, here's the one which you must have. Know the pros and cons of having milk or orange juice at the first meal of the day.

What Is Better For Breakfast- Milk Or Orange Juice?

Milk and orange juice are popular choices for breakfast


  1. Milk makes us feel full because of satisfying properties of protein in it
  2. 1 glass of orange juice contains enough Vitamin C for an entire day
  3. Milk is a better alternative to fruit juices, say experts

After a long fast of 8 hours in the night, your body needs something which is healthy, nutritious and energising. And while food options are aplenty, starting right from delicious flavoured oatmeal or cereals to egg whites, sprouts or chicken, deciding the healthiest drink for breakfast can be a tad bit difficult. And milk or orange juice are the 2 most popular choices that people prefer for breakfast. But which one of the two is healthier, or which one is filling enough to prevent snacking later in the day? Let's find out.


Why milk is good

There are studies that have shown that people who drink milk in the morning are less likely to indulge in in-between meal snacking or overeating during lunch. 1 glass of milk contains about 20% of proteins that you need in a day. And drinking milk in the morning makes you feel full because of the satisfying nature of protein. Also, milk contains calcium that regulates weight controlling hormones in the body.

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Cons of having milk

Milk contains saturated fat which can contribute to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diseases related to obesity among diabetics. Environmentally, non-organic milk is produced from excess feeding to animals. This process not only induces excess antibiotics and growth hormones in animals, but also pollutes waterway with animal waste.

Orange juice

Benefits of having orange juice for breakfast

1 glass of orange juice suffices for 1 day of Vitamin C which is essential for our body. Vitamin C comprises powerful antioxidants that protect our skin from the damage caused by sun rays. It also protects our brain from the adverse effects of air pollution.

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Cons of orange juice

Having orange juice can be harmful for your tooth enamel. Similar is the case with other fruit juices as well. Also, juices are concentrated in sugar and hence are not suggested for people who are looking forward to lose weight. Environmentally, most orange juices are created synthetically with pesticides and fertilisers.

Which is better and why?

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Experts suggest that having milk is a better alternative to fruit juices. But try and opt for organic milk as it has more Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids as compared to its inorganic counterpart. However, you need not give up on fruit juices entirely. But gulp them down instead of having them sip by sip, so that the duration for which the juice is in touch with your teeth is short. This prevents the corrosive effect of juice while not depriving you of its nutritional benefits. 

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