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Weight Loss Tips: 5 Times You Can Skip A Workout Without Feeling Guilty

Weight loss tips: Feeling under the weather? Got period pain? You should skip your workout without feeling guilty! Here are 5 times it is viable to miss a workout rather than pushing yourself to do it.

Weight Loss Tips: 5 Times You Can Skip A Workout Without Feeling Guilty

Weight loss: If you feel overtrained, you can skip a workout without feeling guilty


  1. You can skip a workout when you workout on 4-5 days in a week
  2. You do not need to push yourself or force workout on yourself every day
  3. Rest and recovery is as important as regular exercise

Fitness is subjective and shouldn't be compared with anyone, no matter what your fitness goals. Just because someone you know is hitting the gym all 6 or 7 days in a week doesn't mean that you should do the same. Sometimes, it is completely fine to miss a workout as far you know you are feeling fit and healthy. Even if weight loss is your target, convince yourself that it is time-taking process and a day's or two day's skipping of workout will not affect your weight loss goals. This is not to imply that discipline is not necessary for a workout routine. In fact, it is with utmost discipline and dedication that you can achieve your desired body and fitness goal in the set time. But, at the same time, you don't need to be too hard on yourself take it easy on some days. Keep reading to know what they are.

5 times it is okay to miss a workout without feeling guilty

When you are feeling under the weather or when your period pain is too intense to be endured, it is completely fine to skip a workout without feeling guilty. Here are 5 other times when it is fine for you to miss a workout:

1. When you are working out on 4-5 days in a week

150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise is fine to stay fit and healthy, according to the American Heart Association. As far as you are going to the gym for 1 hour for 4-5 days in a week on an average, you are already exercising enough and can do by missing a day's workout in a week.


Weight loss tips: You can skip a workout when you exercise for 4-5 days a week on an average
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2. You don't want to exercise in a crowded gym

Well, a crowded gym is the last thing we all want. But that doesn't mean you don't exercise at all and feel guilty about it. You can do at-home workouts, a number of them are available online. A 15-minutes HIIT workout can also make for a day you don't want to go to the gym but also not skip exercising.

3. You have done cycling, swimming or any other physical-taxing activity at home

If you indulged in a physical activity of your choice like going for a nice cycling session or swimming or running; or, if your day involved moving furniture, lifting heavy objects all day, etc, then it is fine to skip a workout. The idea is to do some physical activity which challenges your strength.

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4. You get a muscle pull or get extreme muscle pain

Remember, overtraining is the last thing you want to do for yourself. Whenever you get a muscle pull or experience pain after a particular workout routine, you might as well skip a day's workout, get some rest and give yourself the time for recovery. Rest and recovery is as important as being regular at exercise. Without sufficient rest, you are prone to injuries and falls.


Weight loss tips: Do not overtrain and skip a workout when you experience pain or a muscle pull
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5. You are unwell

Many would feel it's fine to workout when suffering from cough, cold or body pain. However, it is important to know that when you are suffering from cough or cold, your immunity is comparatively low. Exercising will require more effort than it usually does and it might end up making you sicker. Avoid exercising when you are unwell, give time to your body to heal. Listen to your body at all times.

Exercising should not be taken as a pressure or responsibility. Include it in your lifestyle in a sustainable manner and being consistent with it will no longer be a struggle.

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