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Diet And Exercise Tips To Get Rid Of Beer Belly

Beer belly diet and exercise tips: Got beer belly? Give up on your alcohol first. Then, follow these diet and exercise tips that can help you get rid of beer belly at ease.

Diet And Exercise Tips To Get Rid Of Beer Belly

Beer belly diet: Aerobic exercises can help you get rid of beer belly


  1. Do aerobic exercises like running to quickly lose beer belly
  2. Increase your protein intake, it can help you avoid overeating
  3. Reduce your stress levels and sleep enough to get rid of beer belly

Summer time is actually the time you enjoy beer. A chilled and refreshing glass of beer is actually perfect to beat the heat and give you a light buzz. But the ill effects of alcohol on your health and beer belly are a few reasons why you need to check consumption of beer. If fitness is on your bucket list, then you have to think of a beer belly and have two options for it. One, put that drink down, get yourself some water, and fill yourself up. Two, enjoy as many beers as you want, but sweat it out the next day. We won't judge you, whatever choice you make as both of these can prevent beer belly. In fact, if you go for option one, we can suggest some lifestyle changes and diets you could go for. On the other hand If you're going to pick the second one, we've got some exercises you could try. Don't worry, either way, DoctorNDTV's got you covered.

You should also know that beer belly as a term can be misleading, the alcohol content in your drink governs the fat, not necessarily the beer. Plus alcohol can make you feel hungry, and that is usually the cause of fattening, more than anything else. So here are some diet and exercise tips to help you get rid of a beer belly.

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Diet and exercise tips to get rid of a beer belly

Diet tips for beer belly

1. Drink less: Of course this is option one. Most importantly, pace yourself and don't indulge in binge drinking. The quicker you consume the drinks, your body will not be able to adjust to the same. While alcohol is high on calories, it is not satiating, so you will feel hungry afterwards. Consume  less alcohol to reduce incidence of a beer belly.

2. Whole wheat: Food prepared with whole wheat grains, like certain types of breads, biscuits are a good idea to help your body soak up the alcohol. The fibre in your system as a result of whole wheat, can help your digestive systems become more efficient as well.

3. Increase your proteins: Protein can help in losing your belly, as it is important in informing your brain of a state of satiation and avoid overeating and drinking. It also betters metabolism to build muscle.

4. Avoid sugar: No secret that sugar is high on calories, and can easily add to your fat. Coupled with alcohol, it can be a dangerous combination, if you drink and eat sugar heavy foods.


Avoid consumption of sugar and junk food if you want to get rid of beer belly
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5. Reduce stress and rest sufficiently: Not only will stress reduction naturally cause you to feel the urge to drink less, but the cortisol hormone that high stress will release, increases your appetite. So, get this silent killer under control and you will be much better off.

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Exercise tips for beer belly 

1. Sit ups and crunches: Doing sit ups and crunches can really help you tuck your tummy in. Your abdomen will grow stronger, and your belly wouldn't look fat. The sweating will also eliminate fat in the long run.

2. Running: This aerobic exercise will get your breathe running, blood pumping and body sweating. The more you sweat the more weight you will lose. There is no real way to permanently reduce beer bellies without losing fat, and controlling intake thereafter.

3. Swimming: One of the best exercises for your respiratory system in particular. These aerobic exercises are known to help lose weight quickly and effectively. Swimming for an hour or more a day, can help you lose weight in a short period of time.

4. Cycling: Cycling with your hips off the seat, to really apply the pressure on the pedals is ideal for losing fat. It bring your core in play, and helps you lose any side fat you may have developed as well. The rapid movements of your legs help press on your core which strengthens it, so not only are you losing fat, but strengthening your core, to keep the stomach taut.

5. Skipping: Well if you are struggling to make time for exercise, a skipping routine should do the trick. Its a short and intense workout, and with the right breathing techniques, you could also ease out your fat quicker.

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