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Weight Loss: Nutritonist Reveals How She Lost Around 5 Kgs In Her 20s And Kept It Off

Weight loss: Stop comparing yourself to others and allow yourself to eat whenever you feel hungry. Here's what helped nutritionist Rachel Paul shed 10 pounds in her 20s.

Weight Loss: Nutritonist Reveals How She Lost Around 5 Kgs In Her 20s And Kept It Off

Weight loss tips: Allow yourself to eat whenever you feel hungry


  1. Find meals that can be prepared quickly and effortlessly
  2. Do not compare yourself to others, you know your body the best
  3. Fill your plate with proteins, fats and veggies

One thing is to lose weight, but to keep it off, as in maintain your weight is something totally different, and requires dedication, discipline and sincerity. No, these are not too big or ambitious words for a goal, which will help you be fit, healthy and probably disease-free in the long run. And really, consistency is the key. Nutritionist Rachel Paul shares a few tips revealing how she managed to lose 10 pounds or around 5 kgs in her 20s, and kept it off too.

Weight loss: How a nutritionist lost around 5 kgs in her 20s and kept it off

In her Insta Reel, Paul mentions how maintaining a calorie deficit is important, but the following tips are also imperative for success.

1. She allowed herself to eat whenever she felt hungry

No diets can be effective if you're starving yourself and not eating when hungry. You must always nourish your body when its asking for food. Starving or not eating for long periods of time can make you overeat later, increase mood swings, cravings, headaches and irritability.

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2. She found easy meals that can be prepared in 5 minutes

Now this may seem like a task if you're not planning your meals in advance. However, simple food choices like a handful of nuts and seeds, ghee-roasted makhanas, roasted black chanas, or tweaking leftover meals in an interesting way to make a fresh meal can help you have easy meals which take very less time for preparation. Make sure your refrigerator and kitchen shelves are filled with healthy foods only.


Look for meals that can be prepared quickly and easily
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3. Fill your plate with protein, fats and veggies

Foods that provide you with protein, healthy fats and fibre-rich vegetables. They add volume to your meal and also fill you up, satisfying your satiety. They can also keep you full for longer, thereby reducing your overall calorie intake.

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4. She stopped comparing herself to others

Well, you must all stop comparing yourself to others. Everybody responds differently to the diet and exercise regime that they are following. Do not blindly follow the diet that someone else is following, nor do copycat workouts. Always progress at a pace that is suitable to your body, strength and stamina. Eat till your 80% full but do practice portion control.

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