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Weight Loss: 7 Tips Working Women Can Follow To Maintain Their Fitness

Weight loss: From drinking enough water to stretching every now and then, here are a few tips that can help in maintaining your fitness.

Weight Loss: 7 Tips Working Women Can Follow To Maintain Their Fitness

Weight loss: Take cheat meals in order to stay motivated for eating healthy


  1. Have home-cooked breakfast every day
  2. It is an important tip if you want to lose weight
  3. Try to move whenever you can

You epitomise the 21st century woman - working, stopping at nothing, and seeing no limits. And, because of this, you often put your fitness on the backseat. For this very reason, and for our love for women like you, we have compiled a list of super easy hacks that will boost your fitness regime and give you the much-needed motivation to become healthier and fitter. Make these a habit and watch the transformation happen!

Weight loss: Effective tips tips to maintain your fitness

1. Have a home-cooked breakfast: Between all the hustle, it is tough to find time to make home-cooked meals. But, your breakfast can make or break your fitness goal. Breakfast is not necessarily time-consuming to cook. Find options that you can easily cook in no time. A hearty breakfast can you the energy to power through the hustle and help you get fitter.

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2. Trash the junk: You know it! All your junk, processed food that is sitting in your drawer at your office desk needs to be trashed! Replace them with healthy snacking options - peanuts, chikkis, fox nuts, puffed rice flake (murmura), and what have you.

3. Move when you can: Elaborate workouts can be really time-consuming and tiring. However, we want to prevent a sedentary lifestyle. Get up from your chair and move every now and then. Take calls while you're walking. Late-night walks are also a great way to help your digestion and keep your metabolism high.

4. Water, water, water: Avoid sugary, packaged drinks and aerated sodas. Switch to the good, old water. It'll keep you hydrated, healthier, and reduce your craving and curb your appetite. If you want to make things exciting, try having some fresh coconut water or sugarcane juice.


Drink sufficient water and keep yourself well-hydrated to maintain your fitness
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5. Enjoy your cheat meals: Taking cheat meals whenever you can keep you motivated to follow a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy them to the fullest and don't count calories when you take them.

6. Stretch: Taking stretch breaks and getting up from your chair is an effective way to keep the blood pumping and your body active. It'll help you feel lighter and you'll find it easier to work for longer hours.

7. Weight loss isn't everything: Your goal should be to eat right and keep your body active. Weight loss is secondary. What is more important is to adapt a holistic lifestyle and focus on feeling at the top of your health.

Staying fit is not nearly as hard as the things you accomplish on a daily basis. Just remember, the key to staying fit is consistency! 

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(Pratik Sud, Co-Founder and CEO: Synq.Fit)

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