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Weight Loss: 5 'Healthy' Foods That Are Anything But Healthy

Weight loss: If you think that digestive biscuits, cornflakes and breakfast cereals are healthier than homemade parantha or dal rice, then this article will leave you surprised. Read here to know about some foods that are labelled as healthy but actually aren't.

Weight Loss: 5

Weight loss: Revealing the truth about some so-called healthy foods


  1. Prefer homemade protein bars to the ones available in the market
  2. Say no to quinoa chips or baked chips
  3. Have homemade breakfast instead of cornflakes or breakfast cereals

The food industry makes us believe various myths - some of which can have serious consequences on our health. Not only do a lot of people today believe that eating carbs will make them fat, but also they think that some foods which are labelled as 'healthy' are actually healthy for them. In this article, we are going to talk about foods that are labelled as healthy but actually aren't. They include the likes of packaged protein bars, digestive biscuits and or low-carb noodles, etc. Read here to know more about foods that are marketed as healthy but are far from being one.

Foods that are labelled as healthy but actually aren't

1. Digestive biscuits

Many people, especially diabetics, commonly practice having sugar-free tea or coffee, along with a digestive or other low-calorie biscuit. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is of the belief that instead of having these digestive or low-calorie biscuits (that are most likely to be loaded with sugar), people should add sugar to their tea or coffee. The likes of breakfast cereals, digestive biscuits and fruit juices are actually invisible sugar sources and not as healthy as they are deemed to be.


Digestive biscuits are not as healthy as you think them to be
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2. Pre-bottled smoothies

The sight of pre-bottled smoothies stacked in a fancy grocery store is pure delight. These smoothies come with even fancier food lables telling about their nutrient value. However, the one tiny disclaimer in these pre-bottled smoothies, i.e. 'contains added preservatives and flavours' is where all the truth lies. Preservatives are added to these smoothies to increase their shelf-life. These preservatives can harm your body in more ways than you can imagine. The flavours in question are most likely to be added sugar - which can have an adverse impact on your weight loss goals. Prefer homemade smoothies to pre-bottled smoothies at all times.

3. Protein bars

Packaged protein bars have become quite popular, and also a part of daily diet. Protein is an important macronutrient for weight loss and muscle build up. Adequate protein consumption can fill you up quickly and keep you full for longer, thus reducing your appetite and overall calorie intake. But this doesn't mean to you opt for protein supplements, protein powders and protein bars. Nuts and seeds, eggs, legumes and lentils, milk and dairy products and chicken are some excellent sources of protein. Include them in your daily diet instead of munching on that protein bar or gulping down bottles of protein shakes made with protein powder. They are most likely to contain added ingredients that are doing more harm to you than good.

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4. Low-carb kale, quinoa or baked chips

These are another recent addition to the market, which is available even in small roadside food joints. Rujuta suggests a simple technique to avoid them. She says that anything that comes in a packet should be avoided, no matter what it is. Now this may be a tad bit difficult to follow as many of these foods in packet are convenient for people in hectic schedules. Most people source even milk for a packet. The idea is to avoid consumption of packaged food as much as possible. There is nothing healthier for weight loss than fresh, home-cooked food.

5. Cornflakes and breakfast cereals

This may be shocking for those who have been consuming cornflakes and breakfast cereals for many years. We are not trying to imply here that cornflakes and breakfast cereals are dangerous for your body. They are fairly safe as far as you are consuming them following portion control. But, neither are cornflakes and breakfast cereals weight loss-friendly, nor are they healthier than homemade breakfast options like parantha, poha, upma or cheela. One cheela along with a seasonal fruit and a glass of milk is definitely a healthier breakfast option than a bowl of milk and cornflakes. Keep convenience aside and prioritise your health by avoiding these foods that are only marketed as healthy but actually aren't.

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