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5 Healthy Alternatives To Sweets And Candies You Can Serve To Your Kids

It may sound impossible to keep kids away from sweets and candies as they are on the top of their list. But these are high in sugar and deprived of nutrition. You can serve some healthy alternates to your kids and make sure that they receive enough nutrition.

5 Healthy Alternatives To Sweets And Candies You Can Serve To Your Kids

Swap sweets with healthy alternates for your kids


  1. Sweets are low in nutritional value and extremely high in sugar
  2. Kids can suffer from cavities due to consumption of candies
  3. Excess consumption of sweets and candies can lead to obesity

Kids and candies might sound like a unbreakable bond but is it healthy enough for your kids? It can be a difficult task to keep kids away from sweets and candies. Chocolates and candies are often used as a reward for kids which is not a healthy practice. Sweets, candies, cookies, cakes, brownies and the list is end list- these are loaded with sugar, artificial colours and a huge amount of unhealthy calories. These delicacies are low in nutritional value and extremely high in sugar. It can increase the risk of cavities in children and continuous consumption can also lead to severe cavities at a younger age. Not just poor dental health, there are various other health issues which can develop due to the consumption of sugar. The best solution to this is swapping sweets with some healthy alternates. Here are some healthy options which you can give to your child instead of sweets and candies.

Healthy alternatives to sweets and candies for children

1. Fresh fruits

Fruits are loaded with nutrients and fiber which makes them an extremely healthy option. You can show some creativity and cut fruits in different shapes which your kids will love. Different shapes will attract kids and can convince kids to eat fruits. Create a combination of different fruits and give them as an evening snack to your kids.You can also add chocolate like strawberry and chocolate.


Cut fruits into different shapes for your kids
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2. Make your own ice cream

Ice creams available in the market are also loaded with artificial colours, sugar and are deprived of nutrition. You can make your own ice creams with fresh fruits, milk and limited sugar. This is healthy as well as a tasty option to choose.

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3. Dry fruit balls

You can make your own interesting healthy mixture with dry fruits and chocolate. Dry fruits are loaded with essential nutrients. You cut dry fruits into small pieces and mix them with chocolate with less sugar. Make small balls with it. You can also dried berries to it. It is a healthy choice for your children.

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4. Trail mixture

You can create a mixture of nuts, seeds, berries along with some chocolate and serve it to your kids. Chocolate can motivate your kids to have this. This way the kids can eat nuts which are good for health. But make sure that you serve nuts in the right quantity, do not serve nuts in excess to your kids.


You can mix all the healthy nuts for your kids to make a healthy snack
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5. Banana cake or carrot cake

Cake sounds tasty to everyone. You can prepare a cake with some healthy ingredients like a banana or a carrot. Prepare banana or a carrot cake for your kids. It is a healthy treat which is tasty at the same time.

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